Sunday, March 24, 2019

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Credit Check: Double DARE you

-10 Border agents at airport can’t explain where Robert Dziekanski was for 10 hours before he was tazered by Mounties and immediately died. Yet again, videotapes are missing. Agents testified that cameras were not working, not monitored, and are in fixed positions, looking at nothing useful. Travelers pay $24 per ticket for air security.

+10 In a shockingly obvious idea, New Westminster is turning it’s riverside-wrecking 800-space parkade into a park and ride.

+15 West Vancouver police cancel $500,000 DARE programme, noting that it is one of the most studied school prevention programs on the planet and most research questions its value.

-10 Oh, now the city is thinking about financing the Olympic Village. Oh, we can’t build it because that’s socialist dreaming, let the private sector do it. Oh, we can’t make the private sector include low-income housing, that’s interference in the markets. Now the taxpayers are financing a private company, at a loss, to build luxury condos. Excellent work all around, people.

+5 The Internet is killing newsprint producers. Credit Check loves newsprint but, honestly, tonnes of bleach poured into the rivers to whiten virgin cut trees can cloud the romance.

-5 Vanoc says not to worry about sponsorship. They are near their targets even if ‘we have some vulnerabilities to failures by our partners.’ Not Vanoc is scraping the bottom of the barrel but Vanoc’s latest sponsor is a ginsing company.

Today: +5 This Year: 0

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