Tuesday, March 26, 2019

° ยป 5 day

Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Credit Check: Post no bills, especially $875m ones

-10 Fuck, Wal*Mart has finally slithered their way into Vancouver. Oh, it’s between Grandview and Broadway? Never mind then.

+10 Vancouver airport makes a bid to run London’s Gatwick airport. Credit Check loves YVR.

-15 The City seeks the power to remove any sign it does not approve of. Because of the Olympics. That’s okay then.

+5 The Stanley Park hollow tree is saved! In the comments on the CBC site, some guys says ‘Fun Fact: when lightning struck the tree in 1862, later that year the wood was used to make the patello (sic) bridge, which it remained untouched and un-upgraded until sunday..’ Which seemed awesome and Credit Checkable. Except the Pattullo Bridge was built in 1932. 70 years is a long time store wood.

Today: -10 This Year: -5