Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Credit Check: Virgin on no imagination

-10 Save On Meats is looking for a buyer or it will close for business.

+30 The twinning of the Port Mann project is having financial trouble and is seeking a government bailout. Wasn’t the whole point of public/private partnerships to put all the risk on the private sector? If the taxpayer has to pay to build it, pay to use it, and pay a profit to some corporation.. apparently, we just don’t understand business.

-5 Homeless crises does not get a debate in the legislature. Neither does the economy. But now the Olympic Village is in jeopardy? Premier Gordon Campbell is flinging the doors open.’

+5 The hollow tree is saved! For about the same amount of money that Ballet BC needed.

-5 Wait, what? Z95.3/Crave is becoming Virgin Radio It’s not that Virgin has already been shut down in its English homeland, it’s that Vancouver radio is so bereft of ideas that it now is importing tacky and boring ones.

-10 Alberta demands to be part of any climate change talks, as Canada’s biggest energy producer.

Today: +5 This Year: +75

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