Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Credit Check: Butt out Nortel

-10 Major Olympic sponsor Nortel has filed for bankruptcy. That’s okay, General Motors can probably increase their sponsorship.

-10 Provincial government cut backs on legal aid has caused the Legal Aid Society to cut back staff and access to low income people. But, don’t worry, the Olympic Village bills will be paid in full. Even at the expense of Vancouver’s vaunted AA+ credit rating.

-1 News1130 has a story headlined ‘Vancouver man making journey to Obama’s inauguration.’ It says that some regular guy from Vancouver is going to watch Barack Obama’s inauguration in person. News1130 is a well-known broadcaster that has been using extremely scarce public airways for 80 years.

-2 The Commerial Drive community policing centre has been vandalised and they want people to donate old mobile phones to a recycler that will kick back some money to them. A proud moment for the Vancouver Police.

0 Investors screwed by the Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme may now apply to have hundreds of millions of dollars paid in tax refunded by their governments. (If there was no investment, then any ‘interest’ they received was merely some of their own money back. And that is not taxable.)

+25 A mother, who does not realise that the copy of Butt Magazine in American Apparel is there to keep people like her out, is upset that a homoerotic ‘porn’ magazine is for sale in the store.

Today: +2 This Year: +70

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