Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Virgin auction fetches $3.7 million (US)

I think the thing that has been on my mind the most today is how this girl in the above photo was able to auction off her virginity for $3.7 million (she’s holding out for higher offers). It’s so confusing to me! Not the fact that she’s doing it. I mean, if I were a chick I might do it too. Well, maybe not, but I can imagine how someone would get in the mindset of doing just about anything for that amount of money. What confuses me is that there’s a guy out there (not just one, 10,000 dudes bid on her virginity) who has close to 4 mils to throw away on sex! And sex with a girl — and I really don’t want to get into this aspect of it because whatever it’s besides the point — who is by every modern measure of the word very unattractive! Like, I guess maybe if I had $100 million or something, and, um, Chelsea Clinton or someone was auctioning off sex with themselves (she’s not my ideal woman or anything, but she’d probably donate the money to charity and it would be an awesome story to tell the grand kids) I might conceivably go for it. Oh well, that’s just 4% of my net-worth. Money well spent! Riiight?

The whole point of this story is that it’s not an attractive or ‘prized’ woman who has fetched this sum. That’s not what’s happening here. A man wants virgin vagina so badly that he’s willing to spend this insane amount of money on it, and unless he’s got some rare condition where he’s a vampire or something and every 100 or so years he has to consume the blood of a freshly burst hymen as his only sustenance, there’s no justification. I’m not morally opposed to this in the least. I’m just fucking confused by it.

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