Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Credit Check: The big 'OV'

-5 First homicide of the year. Congratulations, Male, 900 Block Richards Street.

+5 Mis-spelled headline on CKNW: ‘An interestiing day expected at City Hall.’ The extra ‘i’ is for in-camera meeting of City Council about who gets thrown overboard about the Olympic Village loan.

+5 UBC Political Science professor Michael Byers says the Vancouver bailout could mean less money for social services, less money for community centres, less money to plow the snow and fix the potholes. It’s +5 because we’ve been barking up this tree for years. Also the mayor says, Vancouver is on the hook.

+5 Don’t forget that there is another referendum on the ‘Single Transferable Ballot. People really should give Gordon Campbell proper due at least on this one thing. At least it is not a referendum on removing Native rights (done), breaking signed contracts for hospital employees (done), raising tuition astronomically (done), replacing cheap, Vancouver made-fast ferries for crap German-made ones (done.)

? Councillor Heather Deal says cancelling the planned hiring of seven cultural planners is the precursor to something much better. Which may or not be hiring more by-law officials to close even more clubs and art galleries.

-20 West Vancouver freelance journalist Khadija Abdul Qahaar is being held for ransom in Pakistan. For reference sake, here is Reporters without borders.

Today: -10 This Year: +53

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