Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Credit Check: Bye Lorne

+10 Someone somewhere wants commuter rail service in the Fraser Valley. We mention this only because it is a good idea which is why Kevin Falcon will probably build a third bridge instead. Out of endangered animals.

+5 Lorne Mayencourt is not just not a Federal Liberal, his provincial seat has gone NDP. It’s morning in Burrard Central.

+5 General Motors financial arm, GMAC, wants to convert into a bank to survive the credit crunch. Sources blame Jerry Lundegaard in Minnesota.

-1 All $34,500 Olympic ticket packages have been sold.

-5 Taser-shooting, alleged-drunk-driving Mountie left ID and ran off with a kid under each arm after the accident.

Today: +14 This Year: 120

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