Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Credit Check: Ad secretly placed quickly! Would pay again +++

-5 Today’s ad disguised as an article is in the Vancouver Sun

-5 Weird. The Tories call an unnecessary snap election and it excludes a demongraphic unlikely to support the Tories.

+5 Vancouver closed to banning plastic bags. Next, pray for the banning of yoga pants.

+15 BC Supreme Court rules that homeless have the right to shelter.

+10 Sean Orr correctly sums up 150 years of British Columbia politics: “B.C. voters snub Dion’s carbon tax , just so they can turn around in a couple of months and give a resounding “yes” to Campbell’s carbon tax. [Story]

Today: +20 This Year: - 128

Arithmetic corrected 16/10/08

  1. Aaron

    um, i think the total is actually +20 for today. -5 to you for math skills.

    - Oct 15, 10:08 pm

  2. Sam

    Oh fuck, there was a Kijiji ad to the right of the credit check just now. I think I just had some internal bleeding brought on by the irony.

    - Oct 17, 06:34 pm

  3. anon

    I’ve noticed a shocking increase in ad-like “stories” in the Sun lately. they focus on a product and only mention one provider and just reek of corrupt journalism.

    - Oct 18, 01:56 am

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