Friday, June 22, 2018

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The internet makes me feel fat

I was really hoping "this piece from MSNBC": was going to be about Google ads and Facebook pop-ups that are always screaming about how “You too can lose that extra 10lbs” or “Get a six-pack by summer” because what the fuck is with those fucking ads? I am just going to assume that they are gender-based on Facebook and that makes me EVEN ANGRIER, but instead the article revisits the tired old terrain of “Blah blah, celebrities are thin but mean people on the internet call them fat and that makes me feel bad.” Who cares about Second Life jerks (seriously is anyone actually on that thing? I’m beginning to think SL is only populated by lame trend-journalists who were forced to join en masse) when everything else on the internet, is directly telling you you’re fat all the time through advertising? Cut it out internet!
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