Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade


Don’t fuck with me, I’m a butterfly.

[via discoverymuch]

  1. Chris

    Way to trivialize child exploitation, guys.

    Oh, and check out the beads and stuff on the other kid. Hot!

    - Sep 6, 06:25 PM

  2. Doug Chamblee

    All fun and games until you find yourself in their country dying from a gunshot wound from “the butterfly”.

    - Nov 2, 07:43 AM

  3. Fred


    - Nov 3, 02:32 AM

  4. Dave

    Float like a butterfly… Stings like a butterfly with a gun?

    - Nov 3, 09:15 AM

  5. bob

    its from the movie “johnny mad dog”

    - Nov 29, 02:16 PM

  6. -

    could you imagine? Lying in a pool of your own blood realizing that a fag with Butterfly wings killed you?

    - Jan 13, 01:59 PM

  7. Alice

    He is not necessarily a fag these people like shiny things and brightly colored things like beads and toys and most of all they love violence drugs and fried chicken.

    - Feb 17, 01:40 PM

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