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The Anti-Palin Email

The Anti-Palin Email:

Listen. It’s Friday, I’m heading to Phoenix for another wedding in a few hours, and by the time I get back I expect the Palin kerfuffle that has dominated my brain for this whole week to have died down. But until then…

Here’s an email from some Alaskan woman who has monitored Palin’s political ascent quite obsessively. It’s super long, has gone viral, and is apparently authentic. Good times.

  1. stop the pain!

    Seriously, let the Palin issue die. Most of your readers are Canadian. We can’t vote down there.

    - Sep 5, 06:36 PM

  2. stop the pain!

    Deleting my comments? That’s mature. Seriously, this used to be a local magazine and Vancouver doesn’t have many good ones to spare. There are plenty of third rate US Politics sites though. Do what you do good Only!

    - Sep 5, 07:50 PM

  3. stop the pain!

    never mind. i guess comments only show up when you are previewing one that you wrote. that’s pretty annoying.

    - Sep 5, 07:51 PM

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