Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Victory Square Block Party today! Free! All ages!

Ice Cream
The Mohawk Lodge
Certain Breeds
The Green Hour Band
No Kids
The Evaporators
Basketball [Last Vancouver Show]

Mid-set comedy meanderings:
Man Hussy
Bronx Cheer

After party at the Bourbon with:
Bison (Metal Blade)

Featuring the Blastramp DJs in the park and party:
My! Gay! Husband!
Ian Wyatt

Proceeds are to benefit Megaphone Magazine, Vancouver’s Street Newspaper and valuable information source on homeless and social issues.

The Victory Square Block Party could not happen without our sponsors. Four of them, Mint Records Vancouver Community College CCEC Credit Union and Zulu Records have been there from the very start.

Mint and Zulu are legendary in their support for local music and culture. Vancouver Community College, besides having a campus located at Victory Square, has an astonishing Jazz, Classical and World Music programme. The Comrades Combined to Erode Capitalism (aka CCEC Credit Union ) are Canada’s only financial institution devoted to non-profits, cooperatives, and equitable workplaces.

New sponsors this year are UltraExpress, who have previously sponsored Music Waste and Vice Records.

We are grateful for our sponsor’s generous support. Only and the Pigeon Factory Cultural Society encourage you to give them your patronage.

  1. Anon-name-us

    Also, kudos on Saturday night’s gig and tomorrow, you do this city proud.

    - Sep 1, 10:19 AM

  2. Anon-name-us

    So Only is now a bonafide tumblog syndicator? Great use of an unpublished summer.

    - Sep 1, 10:39 AM

  3. Andriy

    thanks for the great block party! some pics from it here –

    - Sep 2, 12:54 PM

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