Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Enjoy your vegan brunch at the Crawl

Perch, at the Arc, is opening for brunch every day of the Eastside Culture Crawl. Vegan goodness.

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Douglas & McIntyre to print Giller winner The Sentimentalists

Local publisher Douglas & McIntyre has won the right to print Giller-prize winning book The Sentimentalists. Author Johanna Skibsrud’s publisher is tiny Gaspereau Press in Nova Scotia, which felt that it could not cover the costs of printing 30,000 copies to cover its expected best-seller status.

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Nepotism corner: Naomi's new website

Naomi MacDougall, who designed Only’s logo and print design has a new website, beautifully designed by David Look and Christy Nyiri

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A sommelier pleads for an end to the Liquor Control Board

It’s time to end the black market trade in wine from Seattle and Calgary. Also, a Liquor Store manager once refused to sell because it would make his shelf look empty.

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Credit Check: Feds pay millions to renovate temple of the broken Canadian dream

+5 70 years after train travel was considered a proper way to travel, 20 years after 40 years after the abandonment of pasenger rail by CP and CN, and 20 years after the gutting of VIA Rail, the Pacific Union station gets $5 million upgrade

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Credit Check: Vancouver has the most popular mayor in Canada?

+5 We interrupt our awesome coverage the Quaids to mention that guy who wore a mask of an old guy and tried to get past customs

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Credit Check: Vancouver Police investigated by other police and found AWESOME

-5 Vancouver Police get their bitchin’ ATVs

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Credit Check: BC is still in business as California keeps pot untaxed

-5 Evi Quaid didn’t show up in US court and forfeited $500,000. But she’s here now, so kudos.

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Credit Check: VANOC moves to secret office: #400 375 Water Street, Vancouver

-5 Brothers that fund tea party are also large exploiters of the tar sands

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Credit Check: Vancouver loves laneway houses ("Cheap Houses")

+10 Hey Suzanne Anton, if the NPA gains power again, are you going to dither about Broadway transit or just keep studying it?

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