Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Vancouver police graffiti on walls to reach would-be thieves

Bait car art

We missed this article a few months ago, but still feel it’s worth noting because, well…

As part of their anti-car-theft programme, Vancouver police have hired a stencilist to spray paint police-approved messages on the walls of car parks throughout the city.

This is interesting because the city has devoted an entire department to eradicating graffiti from the walls of private buildings, even if said graffiti exists with the owner’s permission. Yet, the art connoisseurs at the police department obviously side with the spray paint artists.

Says Wasserman + Partners, the agency that created the campaign: “We wanted it to look very authentic… We worked with the police department to come up with scenarios that would resonate with car thieves. All the situations we presented were based on actual stats. For example, car thieves are actually afraid of dogs.”

  1. Cameron

    And now that Banksy is making some serious cash-money off of shit exactly like this the city might be able to cash in on some of that heat.

    - Feb 26, 06:11 PM

  2. Logan

    The vandal squad actually disbanded. Get em boys!

    - Feb 26, 06:23 PM

  3. Annie

    - Feb 27, 08:47 AM

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