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May 2011

City: Videomatica plans for orderly shutdown

March 2011

City: Errol Flynn's final drink at the Sylvia discovered, dubbed 'Vancouver cocktail.'

City: Help Music Waste and Olio get to SXSW

February 2011

City: Richard Florida says Canadian cities are winning the music wars

City: Bryan Adams vs the World Cup of Cricket

City: Price list for Olympic Village Condos?

City: 24 Hours gets new editor-in-chief

City: Megaphone goes on the lookout for the mysterious 'I Love You' graffiti artist

City: Wow. Someone really doesn't like Lululemon

City: The BookNet Dictatorship

City: Sarah McLachlan leaves her bridge-twin, freeway-building supporter manager

City: Live, from the Seattle City Dump, it's JP Patches

City: Vancouver's street art in pictures

City: Memorials to our Missing Women

City: Councillor Heather Deal hopes that we can actually carry a beer outside at a festival

City: Relive the Onlympics - Only's live coverage of the Winter Games Opening Ceremonies

City: New Pornographer's have a new video out

City: About that huge turnover of staff at City Hall. Not so much.

City: Remembering the Only (the cafe)

City: Eric Nicol 1920 - 2011

City: Margaret Atwood reads at the Hotel Vancouver

January 2011

Archive: Issue #4

Big Photo: Berries

City: Nettwerk Records chief endorses transit-hating, freeway-loving, bridge-twinning candidate for Liberal leader

City: The new Destroyer album is now streaming

City: Music Waste opens call for musicians, artists, and comedians

City: 'Typeface' premieres at Blim next week

City: Neko Case is auctioning off her '67 Cougar

City: Another cool Skytrain video from VIA

City: Street food cart world to be injected with more awesome

City: Night of Joyful Voices [Photos]

City: 850 Thurlow, one of Vancouver's retail death locations

City: Going to town on the Skytrain [Video]

December 2010

City: Justin Bieber won't be charged with assault in Richmond

City: Welcome Motto books

City: Pancakes of resistance

City: Close your eyes and it will go away

City: COOP Radio in cahoots with Jim Pattison Broadcasting

City: Joyful Voices cry out

City: Best new restaurant of 2010

City: Vancouver papers get great review for iPad apps

City: How Randy & Evi got from there to here

City: Prohab calendar

City: Video investigation of Maclean's 'Too Asian' story

City: From blog to print

City: The truth behind Model Express on East Hastings

City: Suzanne Anton has now become our favourite councillor

City: Megaphone needs your socks

Big Photo: Hwy 1

City: Vancouver Police Department employee survey

City: Top CSIS spook mocked Canada to suck-up to Americans

November 2010

City: Put on your tinfoil hats - SunTV has been approved

City: Megaphone's Night of Joyful Voices

City: Councillor Anton supports closing that bit of Robson Street at the Art Gallery steps

Archive: Issue #3

City: Chuck Davis was history personified

City: Help out CiTR and Vancouver is Awesome

City: Fraser Street is the new Main Street

Articles: Enjoy your vegan brunch at the Crawl

City: Relatively complete list of food carts

City: Skating in Afghanistan

City: A failed Georgia Straight project?

City: CanLit calculation

City: Vancouver dudes sexier than Ryan Reynolds

City: Remembering Joe Fook, Megaphone vendor

City: Films opening today in Vancouver

Film: Films opening today in Vancouver

City: Ezra Levant and Ben West debate oil at the Rio tonight

City: Tropic Thunder and Pacific Cinematheque in the same sentence

City: Olympic Village in receivership means cheaper flats, bigger loss to City

City: A short history on releasing bad news by government

City: Behind the scenes at Ion Magazine

City: A eulogy for Waazubee

City: Someone send Marc Emery a Maclean's subscription

City: Help out Megaphone

City: No more 1966. Let's splurge! Bring us some fresh wine! The freshest you've got - this year! No more of this old stuff

City: Peter Cocking on redesigning the Sentimentalists cover

City: Some old photos of the Beatles at Empire stadium and a contemporary review

City: Bigging up TED

City: Working for American Apparel by someone no longer working there

City: Shindig! Semi-finals week one tonight

City: Old black and white photos from the CBC Vancouver

Articles: Douglas & McIntyre to print Giller winner The Sentimentalists

City: Park Board plans to demolish public wharf

City: Insert Zombie joke here: NDP stays financially afloat thanks to dead members

Archive: Issue #2

Big Photo: Grooming

City: Street meat reviews

City: Nepotism Corner: Nyiri's unemployment icons

City: Download Walk it Off from Tight Solild

City: Parting Glances at the Cinematheque as part of Red Ribbon month

City: Pity the poor Hollywood star

City: Mayor Gordon Campbell. Remember him?

City: The real Inglorious Bastards

Literature: There will probably be fewer trees and fish

City: Poppy Day is the opium of the people

Art: Fred Hertzog's 'Vancouver Colour'

Articles: Nepotism corner: Naomi's new website

Articles: A sommelier pleads for an end to the Liquor Control Board

Media: Discorder partners with Vancouver is Awesome

City: Vancity Buzz has discovered a secret Vancouver street

City: Fun fact from Maclean's annual university edition

Literature: Johanna Skibsrud wins the Giller Prize for The Sentimentalists

Articles: Credit Check: Feds pay millions to renovate temple of the broken Canadian dream

Archive: Issue #1

Big Photo: Parade of Lost Souls

Big Photo: Finn Slough on the south side of Richmond

Articles: Credit Check: Vancouver has the most popular mayor in Canada?

Film: Films opening today in Vancouver

Articles: Credit Check: Vancouver Police investigated by other police and found AWESOME

Articles: Credit Check: BC is still in business as California keeps pot untaxed

Articles: Credit Check: VANOC moves to secret office: #400 375 Water Street, Vancouver

Articles: Credit Check: Vancouver loves laneway houses ("Cheap Houses")

October 2010

Film: Films opening today in Vancouver

Articles: Credit Check: Sun managing editor moves to the CBC; the Mother Corp was nice while it lasted

Articles: Credit Check: Newsflash - Cambie merchant does not blame Skytrain for problems!

Articles: Credit Check: the 35 quietest places to eat in Vancouver

Articles: Quaid investigator had to quit and file a restraining order

Articles: Credit Check: Naked girls in cages at UBC and you didn't even read the rest of this line

Film: Films opening today in Vancouver

Articles: Destroy Nickleback with laserbeams!

Articles: Credit Check: Drunk, plain-clothed, off-duty cop punched newsy out of professionalism

Articles: Credit Check: Bike lanes to be the election issue for 2011 for people who hate them

Articles: Credit Check: 12 people will die on October 19th is the alleged scary graffito in West Van

Articles: Credit Check: Condo touter to class warrior - shh, we're trying to sell Olympic Village condos here

Articles: Here are your Western Magazine Award winners 2010 - with links to the articles

Articles: Credit Check: Guy who said rich were As and poor were Es says he got it backwards

Music: Watch 'Bloodied But Unbowed: Early Vancouver Punk'

Articles: Credit Check: We love bike people, says the NPA. We just wish they’d stop riding bikes

City: BC is the most gay curious province of the most gay curious country in North America

City: How to pick up chicks/dudes on an airplane by the Globe & Mail

Articles: Credit Check: East Van bike group told to wait 100 years for bike lane

Music: This is happening: David Look shuffles the Billboard 100 for the next four months to find iTunes' favourite song

Articles: Credit Check: Gordon Campbell, tax and spend Liberal

Media: Sad Mag Live! First Anniversary Fundraiser

Articles: Credit Check: Olympic villagers love social housing - as long as it is way way over there

Articles: Vancouver Foundation: Vancouverites are lazy, hate culture

Art: The new Hope and Shadows calendar is here! The new Hope and Shadows calendar is here!

Articles: Credit Check: street cars are desired

Media: Here's the story that made Hunter S. Thompson apply for a job at the Sun

Art: Number of Vancouver authors and publishers nominated in today's Giller shortlist: zero

Articles: Credit Check: Celebrate historian and writer Chuck Davis today

Media: I'm on a Mexican radio - News 1130 clashes with Portland salsa station for a spicy mix of heat and droning

Politics: Our new Governor General is a big old geek

Articles: Credit Check: Bike owners form new pro-lanes business association

September 2010

Articles: Credit Check: Blame this on City Hall, too - acorns are deadly to dogs

Articles: Credit Check: Residents love the bike lane (Shhh! Don't tell anyone)

Articles: Credit Check: How journalism is made

Articles: Credit Check: Fly the fish, Vancouver, fly the fish

Articles: Credit Check: the only pension you'll get is dependent on the success of shopping centres

Articles: Credit Check: Gordo, meet the Zalm

contributions: Contribute to Only

Articles: Credit Check: Frances Bula answers the Robertson/Blog questions. Sort of.

Articles: Credit Check: Property values increase significantly near bike routes

Articles: Credit Check: Faaaaaaantastic. Fantasy Gardens is given the shovel.

Articles: Credit Check: That Vision enemies list is merely wishful thinking

Articles: Credit Check: Public property much less public now

August 2010

Articles: Credit Check: Sarah Palin knows her fish

Articles: Credit Check: Mounties stand alone between chaos and civilized society

Articles: Credit Check: Let's vote on dead whales at the Vancouver Aquarium. All in favour?

Articles: Credit Check: The Blue-Eyed Sheiks of Alberta

Music: Victory Square Blockparty 2010 line-up

Articles: Credit Check: Don't be a political stooge - run for the Senate of Canada!

Articles: Credit Check: George Stroumboulopoulos promoter leaves for new position in hell

July 2010

Articles: Credit Check is on holidays until 9 August

Articles: Credit Check: Heather has two mommies, a daddy, and a legislature that now recognises them

Articles: Credit Check: Beer, books, bikes, and anarchy

Articles: Credit Check: Vote to free the Vancouver aquarium whales

Articles: Credit Check: Frances Bula and Mayor Robertson on tape

Articles: Credit Check: Canadian Forces and cartoon blow jobs

Articles: Credit Check: Gag me with a spoon, um, gnarly, something something dams

Articles: Credit Check: Like your city councillors? You get to keep them for an extra year

Articles: Credit Check: Three stories about bad cops

Articles: Credit Check: Why can't we exploit Salt Spring Island's tweeness for profit?

Articles: Credit Check: Burrard Bridge, one year later - In. Your. Face.

June 2010

Articles: Credit Check: Vision-ary has 500 year-long plan for Vancouver

Articles: Credit Check: Nobody here but us chickens... wait, they're not here either

Articles: Credit Check: Another shameful day for the people who run the Vancouver Aquarium

Articles: Credit Check: NPA seeks new name, wears fake moustache

Articles: Credit Check: BC Liberals claim to have no understanding of fringe ideas

Articles: Credit Check: Mounties: We're very sorry that you won't go away unless we use the word sorry

Articles: Credit Check: Coming up on Fox News Canada, taxes for rich people: threat or menace, eh?

Articles: Credit Check: Homemaker. Hipster. Humourless.

Articles: Credit Check: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooze!

Articles: Credit Check: We didn't beat the guy and if we did, it was lawful

Articles: Credit Check: If the Illuminatti is not going to take this serious, we're going home

Articles: Credit Check: It's Music Waste Friday. You will not survive.

Articles: Credit Check: Tre Arrow & Marc Emery - the jailbird edition

Articles: Credit Check: Translink underestimates desire for transit yet again

May 2010

Articles: Credit Check: Sandinista!

Articles: Credit Check: No Fun City vs Farmville

Articles: Credit Check: Marijuana edition

Articles: Credit Check: Hut! Hut! Huzzah!

Articles: Credit Check: Welcome to the City of UBC

Articles: Credit Check: All Hail Music Waste 2010

Articles: Credit Check: Hell no, the VAG won't go

Articles: Credit Check: Free UBC!

Articles: Credit Check: CanWest newspapers are finally outside the grasp of the Asper family

Articles: Credit Check: Goodbye, Babz

Articles: Credit Check: Man, does CC ever hate Arthur Erickson's works

Articles: Credit Check: Ain't nobody here but us homeless chickens

Articles: Credit Check: Vancouver daily to be renamed the Sun & Star

April 2010

Articles: Credit Check: If they cancelled all school, they'd save so much more money

Articles: Credit Check: Even a huge megaparty for tourists can't make the tourists come

Articles: Credit Check: Hilarious! Pot dealing cop was featured in local reefer madness doc

Articles: Credit Check: Apparently selling pot on the job can get a Vancouver cop fired

Articles: Credit Check: Today is the day that our love for all things Pixar ends

Articles: Credit Check: Nimby nimby nimby, get your last words here

Articles: Credit Check: Juno cheese festival 2010

Articles: Credit Check: Vander Zalm predicts bad policies will result in death of a party (not a repeat from 1986)

Articles: Credit Check: police ticket vendors for 'peddling without a licence', judge says leave my jurisdiction

Articles: Credit Check: Let's have a city without people

Articles: Credit Check: Don't Booze Up & Riot say Vancouver Police

Articles: Credit Check: Prosecutors must testify on why they let Vancouver Police off the hook in Frank Paul killing

Articles: Credit Check: The Province thinks a 1.2% fare evasion rate is ridiculously high

Articles: Credit Check: Mounties pay off Robert Dziekanski's family thanks to meddling kids and their video camera

March 2010

Articles: Credit Check: Victoria cops heckled by citizens, chief constable has hurt feelings

Articles: Credit Check: Victoria cops heckled by citizens, chief constable has hurt feelings

Articles: Credit Check: Surrey's reputation is lower than a <blank> on a <blank>

Articles: Credit Check: Vote to save the Peak at SFU, Graduate Students

Articles: Credit Check: Harper tries to cut back pensions by name-checking Clifford Olsen

Articles: Credit Check: This is a public service to police officers everywhere. Almost everyone carries a form of video camera now. Why don't you know this?

Articles: Credit Check: CRTC proposes broadcasters actually show some Canadian programming

Articles: Credit Check: Vancouver Police want to keep survelliance cameras

Articles: Credit Check: Prime Minister Stephen Harper on pot

Articles: Credit Check: Giant British bank swears that it won't ruin the environment by exploiting Alberta oilsands then opens a new office in Calgary

Articles: Credit Check gets crabs

Articles: Credit Check: Good news: Evergreen line guaranteed. Bad News: Guarantee is by Gordon Campbell

Articles: Credit Check: City needs to sell lot for $50 million. VAG wants it for free. Art vs Commerce cage match!

Articles: Credit Check: Conservatives opposed the Maple Leaf flag and replacing God Save the Queen anyway

Articles: Credit Check: BC privatises utilities but publicly funds corporate sports event

Articles: Credit Check: New guidebook for immigrants gives a more Conservative friendly history of Canada

Articles: Credit Check: BC to cut budget on everything, you Olympic-drunk saps

Articles: Credit Check: The Olympic Autopsy

February 2010

Articles: Credit Check: Translink trains can run all night long. Do dah, do dah.

Articles: Credit Check: Job available. Paid in Mountain Dew and Cheezies.

Articles: Credit Check: When Vancouver looks in the mirror, No Fun City looks back

Articles: Credit Check: Smile - your tasing is on YouTube courtesy of the RCMP

onlympics: 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver

Articles: Credit Check: Have you bookmarked ONLYMPICS yet?

News: The 2010 Onlympics. Because It Might Be The Last Thing We Ever Do.

Articles: Credit Check: COPE lauches 2010 Olympic Oppressionometre

Articles: Credit Check: Giraffes dead from the cold - should have put them on Cypress mountain

Articles: Credit Check: It's all Olympics Hell, all week. Get used to it.

Articles: Credit Check: Megaphone does special glossy edition on the successes of the Downtown Eastside

Articles: Credit Check: Whistler wants their money in advance. Ha!

Articles: Credit Check: Vancouver Police forced to hand off investigation of their officer’s beating an innocent man to another force to find the required ‘not our fault’ verdict.

January 2010

Articles: Credit Check: Suzanne Anton is/is not running for mayor

Articles: Credit Check: VPD deigns to reassign cop who beat innocent person

Articles: Credit Check: Stand up for Steve Fonyo

Articles: Credit Check: Cops go to wrong address, beat guy up out of habit

Articles: Credit Check: Cut it all

Articles: Credit Check: Family business sinks/succeeds

Articles: Credit Check: It always feels like somebody's watching me

Articles: Credit Check: Official report on "No Fun City" - We suck.

Articles: Credit Check: A zipline through downtown Vancouver

Articles: Credit Check: BC Colonial officers executed a BC Chief

Articles: Credit Check: Thriller!

Articles: Credit Check: CanWest Newspapers - Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

Articles: Credit Check: Yes, Man

Articles: Credit Check: A Little bit of Kits on the East Side

Articles: Credit Check: Save the Pantages, 20th Anniversary edition

Articles: Credit Check: The Tally rolls back to zero

December 2009

Articles: Credit Check: VSO asked to mime by VANOC, said no

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi live - tonight at 6pm Van / 9pm Toronto / 2 am London

Articles: Credit Check: CHEK6 gets Tony Parsons

Articles: Credit Check: Joyful Voices tonight. You should choose to be there.

Articles: Credit Check: Brahms: Symphony No.4, First Movement on harmonica

Articles: Credit Check: The fish are dead. Dead.

Articles: Credit Check: Polish at the airport? That's a tasering

Daily: Credit Check: Smile, you're on VANOC camera

Articles: Credit Check: Not complaining now, eh Cambie Street?

Articles: Credit Check: the theme is remembrance

Articles: Credit Check: The return of Slickity Jim's Chat 'n' Chew

Articles: Credit Check: License to kill

Video: Mental Beast

Articles: Credit Check: Boot strappy

November 2009

Articles: Credit Check: Whistling Smith

Articles: Credit Check: nor will we send against him except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land

Articles: Credit Check: Blinded by the light

Articles: Credit Check: I do not fear death, says MP

Video: Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

Articles: Credit Check: Vancouver Sun says 'Support the BC Conservatives." (One day)

Articles: Credit Check: Buy a piece of Co-op Books today

Articles: Credit Check: Our liquor laws are weird

Articles: Credit Check: If the headline says Twillight would you click it more than a comment about City Hall?

Articles: Credit Check: More tasering videos surface

Articles: Credit Check: Convert the viaducts to High Line-style parks

Articles: Credit Check: How soon before they create a condo called the Slickity?

Articles: Credit Check: Translink wants to raise fare 100%

Articles: Credit Check: Idiots in the Courier, check

Articles: Credit Check: BC Ferries to BCers: Take a long walk off a short dock

Articles: Credit Check: Vote the the Republic of Canada

Articles: Credit Check: Sullivan + think tank = super secret

Articles: Credit Check: It takes an Olympic village to build affordable housing

Articles: Credit Check: We cannot let Fort Vancouver steal our name again

Articles: Credit Check: Razors blades in Hallowe'en candy? Bullshit.

October 2009

Articles: Credit Check: Foreign welfare recipients receive first class holiday in Canada, paid by the Canadian taxpayer

Film: Only's guide to cool, old halloweeney films

Articles: Credit Check: Vancouver suggests banning smoking in parks and on beaches

Articles: Credit Check: God save our Anti-Social Queen

Articles: Help Only create a Canadian Newspaper Circulation Chart *Updated*

Articles: Credit Check: Small nachos and Dom. Romane Conti 1997 please and make it snappy

Articles: Credit Check: Art Collecting is just as much a bubble as Condo developing

Articles: Credit Check: Ripped-off Cowichan First Nations get investigated by Mounties instead

Articles: Credit Check: Gustafesen Lake Mountie is the now the head Olympic Mountie? Cripes.

Articles: Credit Check: The Fifty First statelet

Articles: Credit Check: Stop with the P3s already. Cripes.

Articles: Credit Check: Did Canadians do the Nazi salute at the '36 Olympics? The film says...

Articles: Credit Check: New publisher for the WestEnder. Will he be from Yaletown - or a Young Turk from Coal Harbour?

Articles: Credit Check: Tasers don't kill people. Guffaw.

Articles: Credit Check: You can fight the International Olympic Committee

Articles: Credit Check: Aspers maybe, hopefully about to lose it all

Articles: Credit Check: The Hockey Sweater

Video: Mr. Sub gay shocker

Articles: Credit Check: CanWest gets bankruptcy protection, journalism gets a glimmer of hope

Articles: Credit Check: Only the real Olympics are special to the Liberals

Articles: Credit Check: Is public art artifice?

Art: New Official Olympic uniforms from The Bay

Articles: Credit Check: Blame the Globe & Mail

News: Glenn Beck claims Vancouver "lost" a billion dollars when it "had" the Olympics

Film: Student Bodies & Saturday the 14th (1981)

Articles: Credit Check: Begun, the Vancouver ghetto wars have

September 2009

Articles: Credit Check: What the Catholic Church really thinks about child abuse

Articles: Credit Check: David Ho, charmer + McBarge

Articles: Credit Check: Justice for Marc Emery

Articles: Credit Check: Seeing Visions

Music: Georgia Straight Readers Vote Music Waste As The 3rd Best Festival In Vancouver

Articles: Credit Check: Investigate yourself

Articles: Credit Check: Chinese people in Canadian universities in 1979?

Articles: Credit Check: Reincarnation 101

Articles: Credit Check: By the beautiful sea

Archive: Credit Check: Bag of Hair

Articles: Credit Check: Billy Bishop went to war

Articles: Credit Check: Read nonsense for better health

Articles: Credit Check: Everything is going to be all right

Articles: Credit Check: Gallons of bile

Articles: Credit Check: SWMPM seeks same

Articles: Credit Check: Debout, les damnés de la terre

Articles: Credit Check: That money is our money. So is that.

Music: Beyond the Body (an interview with Genesis P. Orridge)

Articles: Credit Check: Stupid laws are for other people

Articles: Credit Check: CityCaucus causes trauma

August 2009

Articles: Credit Check: Justice Rocks this weekend

Articles: Victory Square - We'll See you in 2010 but not next week.

Articles: Credit Check:

Articles: Credit Check: Fun-O-Rama

Articles: Credit Check: School's out for ever

Articles: Credit Check: Rambo, First Blood was filmed in Hope

Articles: Credit Check: Welcome to two years ago

Articles: Credit Check: Ride The Dog

Articles: Credit Check: Brava City Caucus

Articles: Credit Check: Pammy Pammy Pammy

Articles: Credit Check: One way ticket to Zurich

Articles: Credit Check: Put a donk on it

Articles: Credit Check: Coming soon: Rap Cat Magazine

Articles: Credit Check: All Local, All For You. Happy?

Articles: Credit Check: CHA CHA Music Plays

Articles: Credit Check: Time For A Power Donut

Articles: Credit Check: We're Good At Hotel

Articles: credit check: Another long weekend, another apocalypse.

July 2009

Articles: Credit Check: Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam

Articles: Credit Check: Toad the Wet Sprocket

Articles: Credit Check: Hot as balls

Articles: Credit Check: Burn it to the ground

Articles: Credit Check: Bock bock bock

Articles: Credit Check: It's Car-free week - for politicians

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: Small Pox Blankets now with Vancouver 2010 logo

Articles: Credit Check: Merritt Mountainmess

Articles: Credit Check: Lesson #1 Don't believe the fucking Vancouver Sun

Articles: Credit Check: Stick this in your arm

Live: Michael Jackson's Funeral

Articles: Watch Michael Jackson's funeral - with Only

Articles: Credit Check: Wassamatter U?

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: Born in East V.A. (n)

June 2009

Articles: Credit Check: What's the answer, Whistler?

Articles: Credit Check: God save our gracious Chuck

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: Here it's news; in the Sun, it's history


Articles: Credit Check: Also, phrenology

Articles: Credit Check: The evolution of statehood

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: Rover, do you like movies about gladiators?

Articles: Credit Check: Sail the Mighty Fraser

Articles: Credit Check: Smile then erase

Articles: Credit Check: Lasers attack

Articles: Credit Check: Megaphone One Year Birthday tomorrow!

Articles: Credit Check: Hooray for Harold Lloyd

Film: ONLY Remembers Harold Lloyd

Articles: Credit Check: Is art artifice?

Articles: Credit Check: MEGA WASTE

May 2009

Articles: Adam Had'em (A Parenting Diary pt.3)

Articles: Credit Check: Cruller cruller world

Articles: Credit Check: I dunno Wally, what about the Beaver?

Articles: Credit Check: Ubought it, Usell it

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: Concrete tomb

Articles: Credit Check:

Articles: Credit Check: Way to be, Megaphone

City: Countdown to Music Waste Begins

Articles: Adam Had'em (A Parenting Diary pt.2)

Daily: Credit Check: Don't bogart your pub

Articles: Credit Check: Sexy not Sexist

April 2009

Articles: Credit Check: Hairballs

Articles: Credit Check:

Articles: Credit Check: Know your rights

Articles: Credit Check: Join our Friendster group

Articles: Credit Check: Voting is not just for squares

Articles: Credit Check: Dangerous foliage

Articles: 'Racist' Developer May Get the Torch

Articles: Credit Check: Last day to apply to Music Waste 2009

Articles: Credit Check: It's 2009, buddy

Articles: Credit Check:

Articles: Adam Had'em (A Parenting Diary pt.1)

Articles: Credit Check: Bunny nut busters

Articles: Credit Check: Grand Theft Honour

Articles: Credit Check: Smile for the fist

Articles: Credit Check: Save On Blockbusting

March 2009

Articles: Credit Check: What do you Juno?

News: Watch the Junos with Only

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: No Fun Olympics

Articles: Credit Check: Stop or we'll shoot that the next guy that comes around the corner

Articles: Credit Check: Taser the Easy Button

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: The future has arrived

Articles: Credit Check: Whitecaps, Whitecaps is our name!

Articles: Credit Check:

Articles: Credit Check: Jones Act may apply

Articles: Credit Check: 54-40 or fight

About: Credit Check: Bad boys bad boys

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: No under 21s

Articles: Welcome Sylvie Odette Thomas, the first Only baby

Articles: Credit Check: YVR's funniest home videos

Articles: Credit Check: Surrey jokes

Articles: Credit Check: Purrrrrr

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Politics: The ‘They Did it First’ Excuse

Articles: Credit Check: We all agree, it's no conspiracy

Articles: Credit Check: Stop Making Sense

Articles: Credit Check: Doing the pigeon

Articles: Credit Check: I was born in a small town

February 2009

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: On the busses

Food & Drink: Ticket to Paradise - The Shangri-La Vancouver Lobby Lounge

Articles: Credit Check: I have a very cunning plan

Articles: Credit Check: Like a fish needs a bicycle

Articles: Credit Check:

Live: Junos Liveblog 2009

Articles: Credit Check: The Mounted Police always get their day in court

Help Time: Help time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: Bad pot

Articles: Credit Check: Stop and search

Articles: Help Time with Amil Niazi (™)

Articles: Credit Check: Maple Leaf forever

Articles: Credit Check: Toronto puts a gimlet eye toward Van

Articles: Credit Check: From Lake O' The Woods to the Eastern Townships

Articles: Credit Check: Obama Hearts Canada says Canada

Articles: Credit Check: Trolley bus to the stars

News: Security services protect Olympics from hippie threat, patchouli

Articles: Credit Check: Twittering that the Major Media reported on Facebook

Articles: Credit Check: Zounds

Articles: Credit Check: We already know who you are

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Articles: Credit Check: Give my regards to Vanderhoof

Articles: Credit Check: Think Small

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January 2009

Articles: Credit Check: Gimmer shelter

Articles: Credit Check: Music Waste now accepting submissions for 2009

Articles: Credit Check: Free Conrad

Articles: Credit Check: Beatings after 4:30pm are on overtime

Articles: Montreal considers banning insults to police

Articles: Credit Check: Sunday Scum

Articles: Credit Check: New Albion in Coast Salish Territory

Last Stand: Take the British out of British Columbia

Articles: Credit Check: He just wouldn't stay away

Articles: Credit Check: Double DARE you

Articles: the fist lady

Film: Top 5 Movies The Movie The Wrestler Made Us Want To Re-Watch

Articles: Condo-mania returns as buyers seek bargains in Metro Vancouver

Articles: What is your boyfriend thinking?

Articles: Credit Check: Post no bills, especially $875m ones

Articles: Credit Check: Read this on your Blackberry, Obama

Articles: Somebody's mad at us

Articles: Credit Check: Hanging by a well-architected thread

Articles: Credit Check: Virgin on no imagination

Articles: Very techy landlord

Articles: Credit Check: Butt out Nortel

Music: Microsoft Songsmith Ad

Articles: British Press Blame David Bowie for Recession

Articles: Virgin auction fetches $3.7 million (US)

Articles: Credit Check: Howie Mandel needs your prayers

Articles: Olympic gold in math

Articles: A discussion about the excess of cafes

Articles: Credit Check: The big 'OV'

Articles: Credit Check:

Articles: Credit Check: Watch out for fake honey

Articles: Credit Check: That baton looks awfully good

Articles: Credit Check: Poked

Articles: Credit Check: Taser new year

December 2008

Articles: Credit Check: I'm Mr. Snowmeiser, I'm Mr Cold

November 2008

Daily: Also, Linerider

Daily: Tumblr on my iPod touch

Daily: I really hope these two crazy kids can make it work again.

Video: Macy’s Day parade gets Rick Roll’d

Daily: amilniazi: Disabled boy to lose miniature pony because...

Daily: Disabled boy to lose miniature pony because neighbours...

Daily: amilniazi: As mentioned, Criminal Minds did an episode around a...

Daily: The Crystals - He hit me (and it felt like a kiss) OH OKAY?

Articles: EXACTLY

Daily: cameronr: CBGB’s stage (photo by Joseph O. Holmes) Fuck that...

Daily: sympathyfortheartgallery:Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre brynna:...

Articles: Mystery of Mystery

Daily: … februar . maerz . 04 …

Daily: … mai . . juni . . 04 …

Daily: Boris Shoppek Dave just sent me a link to this guy. He’s...

Daily: Waterworld: The Musical. It’s about time.

Daily: Holy Hoobastank Nightmare ALERT! This baby was BORN PREGNANT....

Daily: MC Hammer - Pumps in a Bump Happy Thanksgiving!

Daily: How turtles got their shells: A story in evolution.

Daily: Thanks, Criminal Minds*

Daily: I’ve played this game in my head so many times, I’m...

Daily: Remember this little piece of history? It’s just like the...

Daily: (via okayfine)

Daily: Goodbye Bluefin

Video: Mutators on “the Bus” (live in Philly)


Daily: Def Bombs!

Daily: kanamit: The Omen (1976)Polish, 38 x 27 in.Art by Andrzej...

Daily: Paper Route Gangstaz “Screwed & Chopped” (Full Set) [mp3]

Daily: Photo

Daily: Fuck yes!

Daily: CBGB’s stage (photo by Joseph O. Holmes) Fuck that place. What...

Daily: amilniazi: Baby handymen! cameronr: We’re gonna start...

Daily: Thanks, Criminal Minds*

Daily: amilniazi: O Saya - A.R. Rahmann and MIA (from the Slumdog...

Daily: skinnyghost: GHHVW Bubba Sparxxx - Miss New Booty cameronr:...



Daily: Beauty and the Beast (1946)- Jean Cocteau fuckin’...

Daily: Ten Myths Conservatives Believe About Progressives

Daily: He pulled down her brassiere, cupping her breasts, sighing in bliss. 'The blue veins are divine,' he whispered.

Daily: YES! ihavegoodtaste:hipsterrunoff:

Daily: brynna: Savannah what the hell did you do to...

Daily: women, start looking like Kim on the left there or I’m...

Daily: charmingmandy: I’m gonna spend the last half hour of work on the...

Daily: Canada = The Dark Ages

Daily: As a matter of fact I did not need to see this.

Daily: Hey lady, your face is crazy!

Daily: RAHM ALERT! alexbalk:spiegelman:A friend of mine who works on...

Daily: WHAT??? No!

Daily: I’m pretty sure that’s chicken abuse, but oh man!...

Daily: According to the Columbia University College of Physicians and...

Daily: O Saya - A.R. Rahmann and MIA (from the Slumdog Millionaire...

Daily: Lately

Daily: (via supersonicelectronic)

Daily: chuckmore: Puffy Pants Boy sighting! babyguh: davidlook: White...

Daily: brynna: my tumblr has turned into a breeapperly reblog graveyard...

Daily: Puffy Pants Boy sighting!

Daily: itsbedtime: Cool. Be there in five. davidlook: lets face it,...

Daily: charmingmandy: Can I just say ONE MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS?...

Daily: Show Me Your Genitals Weird, this is what the kids are...

Daily: Time profiles McCain's ad guy

Daily: Ready on Day One? Obama is ready 60 days BEFORE day one. (Part...

Daily: Blowing Unrepentant Loads

Daily: This is for all those people who supported Obama and knew that William Ayers was old, old news and...

Daily: the bookshelf above my bed.

Daily: And with a stroke of a pen, Britain sells Tibet to China and bins one of Tibet’s best...

Daily: skeetonmischa: Trailer Of The Day: Thanksgiving Directed by Eli...

Daily: Obama: "I Don't Think There's Any Question That We Have A Mandate"

Daily: Love On The Run

Daily: soupsoup:yeahmon:chickensdontclap:gobialoo Barack drops it like...

Daily: Why waste your time scrounging together a million bucks for a...

Daily: The Venus Project

Daily: Motel

Daily: "You’ll declare its simply topping To be there and hear them swapping Smart tidbits Puttin on..."

Daily: Hotel

Daily: Plywood Windows (via mattski)

Daily: "Soderbergh Casts Porn Star In Lead Role Director Steven Soderbergh is giving porn star Sasha Grey..."

Daily: Right now

Daily: I'm sick of "douchebag."

Daily: thehandshake: cameronr: Anyone know what this is a reference...

Articles: Credit Check: Another

Daily: cameronr: Anyone know what this is a reference to? yes.

Daily: Toast

Daily: scarlet takes a tumble (via purplepbunny)

Daily: Liars - Drum Gets A Glimpse If there was a radio station that...

Daily: davidlook: am radio grey cup party

Daily: charmingmandy: Wow for a second I was gonna say “I think I am...

Daily: Anyone know what this is a reference to?

Daily: blownspeakers: Twin Crystals playing “Safety” live in Mexico

Daily: Thomas Carlyle - Sartor Resartus

Daily: Photo


Daily: half time show

Daily: Channel Master 6460 Maverick

Daily: am radio grey cup party

Daily: Joseph Beuys

Daily: Homes for America

Daily: chuckmore: indieandyy:apsies: Jimmy Kimmel Goes to a Black...

Daily: Never Forget.

Daily: everything I touch turns to art. last night I transformed this...

Daily: What Would a 'Great Depression 2009' Look Like?

Daily: AM Radio Grey Cup Party at 3PM

Daily: Coupe Grey Checklist 1) grey plaid wool pants 2) canary yellow...

Daily: These are amazing jasonupton:Amil = Cruella De Ville...

Daily: beuys & rothko

Daily: indieandyy:apsies: Jimmy Kimmel Goes to a Black Barber Shop to...

Daily: Hindle? chuckmore:I think this is the first web ad I’ve ever...

Daily: I think this is the first web ad I’ve ever clicked on. No...

Daily: Photo

Daily: amilniazi: Looks like Liz Lemon and I want the same thing yet...


Daily: William Spencer Dude’s parkour + skateboarding is 100% the...

Daily: is recommended for:

Daily: Going To MTL Tomorrow. Let Me Know What's Happening.

Daily: Animal Collective “Who Could Win A Rabbit” People...

Daily: confession

Daily: vortexvoid: forgot to share this. marcie and i, post alice...

Daily: vanmega: Kanye West - Champion (Nick Catchdubs Remix) [mp3] How...

Daily: tothemaxxx: And a shot I took at the Jewish Museum (This trip...

Daily: I saw the orgasm face issue today and got a good half chuckle...

Daily: Only Amil would wear these.



Daily: Naoki Koide Title: New Home, 2008 presented by Richard Heller...

Daily: Victoria Reynolds Title: Reindeer Voluptuary, 2008 presented by...

Daily: Jeff Ladouceur Title: Untitled, 2005 presented by Richard...

Daily: Jeff Ladouceur Title: Untitled, 2005 presented by Richard Heller...

Daily: Mel Kadel Title: Keeping Warm, 2008 presented by Richard Heller...

Daily: Mel Kadel Title: Daily Exercise, 2008 presented by Richard...

Daily: I’m like Seymour Hirsch on this shit.

Daily: Photo

Daily: Awesome. (via icanhazhotdog)

Daily: Crazy Twilight fans are the best

Daily: I was going to be all: GROSS THE WORLD’S FATTEST MAN HAD...

Daily: Looks like Liz Lemon and I want the same thing yet again.

Daily: I saw Ian Hanomansing yesterday

Daily: There's a lot of food in my keyboard at work

Daily: Conrad Black asks George Bush for clemency

Daily: okayfine:thewheelyapplegate: “I CAN’T URGE YOU ENOUGH  TO...

Daily: cameronr: claytoncubitt: Doubler: Wojciech Kosma microphone...

Daily: brynna: It snowed here today, so I thought it was time for a...

Daily: Poo transplants are against Jesus. Drinking your own blood is the paradigm of recycling.

Daily: I’d give it all up to hang out with this little guy....

Daily: I saw Twilight at an advanced screening last night. The theatre...

Daily: Suicide on the webcam - it was bound to happen

Daily: So...

Daily: 'Kick a ginger' prank gets police seeing red

Daily: first ever live event broadcast by satallite.

Daily: oh man, I feel a concert special marathon coming on.

Daily: Hans Bellmer - La Poupee 1935

Daily: Immortal - Call of the Wintermoon (this one’s from K)

Daily: Wow. carlovely:Prince William’s Penis!

Daily: Ugh, yuck! Sperm fail

Daily: Ah-mazing vortexvoid:Candlemass - Bewitched i meant THIS.

Daily: UM? What do you mean get past the perms and tophats? Celebrate...

Daily: soupsoup: How low can you go? Can we just start closing the...

Daily: garybusey:Keep your balance right, dummy! I’m gonna vomit while...

Daily: The Return of the $70 Per Hour Meme

Daily: 'This state needs someone who cares about this state more than one day a year.'

Daily: dazza: Fun with the Gender Analyser which uses an algorithm to guess whether a blog is written by...

Daily: Fun with the Gender Analyser which uses an algorithm to guess whether a blog is written by a man or...

Daily: Seriously

Daily: They left out the part about Obama… For a finale he stood...

Daily: supersonicelectronic: A drawing by Barack Obama Barack Obama...

Daily: Residents of the small Arkansas town of Eureka Springs noticed...

Daily: What a Bunch of Dicks

Daily: "There is a delicious irony in seeing private luxury jets flying into Washington, D.C., and people..."

Daily: Totally cooking breakfast right now.


Daily: With Female Bodybuilders, I am trying to show the vulnerability...

Daily: alexbalk: “The law is aimed primarily at small cigars sold individually at convenience stores...

Daily: Um, guys? That store closing email is kind of a lie.

Daily: amilniazi: Trust me the only way to survive The Humoungous, is...

Daily: John Ziegler has released this YouTube in support of a...

Daily: No tax on made-in-Quebec culture products, Liberals promise

Daily: Wow. Life magazine has put up 10 million photographs from their...

Daily: We went to see the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize...

Daily: Suri Cruise Is World's Most Powerful Tot

Daily: If anyone could hook me up with an Eggnog Latte here in London, I would appreciate it. Email

Daily: chuckmore: Obama Roasts Rahm in ‘05 thehandshake: “He had...

Daily: ” He did go on to say that he’d only seen the movie Short...

Daily: Bobby J-Five Year old Rapper Whatever…kid can’t even...

Daily: black-maria: i just screamed yes.

Daily: if you've got time to tumbl, you've got time to vote.

Daily: Paint the White House Black-Richard Pryor as POTUSA While...

Daily: Russian PM Vladamir Putin wanted the tanks in Georgia to roll to the capital and ‘hang...

Daily: Dead Set: episode 1

Daily: Dead Set: episode 1

Daily: 15 years ago, Michael Crichton gave this speech to the National Press Club. It’s amazingly...

Daily: That the Mayor of Vancouver called the cops to find out who blew...

Daily: Wild new €5 coin by Dutch designer Gepostet von Stani. [Via...

Daily: Here’s a suggestion for the nearly-bankrupt US Auto Manufacturing industry that doesn’t...

Daily: Civil rights guy Tim Ireland guy took on two proper London...

Daily: blownspeakers: iichlits: famiry: jaredm: buchino: Keith...

Daily: you live in the manhattan co-op, i work across the st.... - w4m

Daily: NYT interview with Nate Silver

Daily: For Chuck [Telegraph]

City: Credit Check: At work, sorry

Daily: If you are looking for individual replacement Scrabble tiles, Vintage Heaven at the Columbia Flower...

Daily: New show at The Aquarium by James Cauty. What if Sylvester...

Daily: I love the idea of a constitutional law professor being the US...

Daily: If you want a job in the new Obama/Biden administration, they’re hiring. And check out the...

Articles: Credit Check: Wilf Hanni

Daily: I Am In Paris And Cannot Walk = Best Vacation Ever

Daily: Notorious (Trailer) Gave me chills. I know everyone’s seen...

Daily: The Streets - Don’t Mug Yourself Still the jam.

Daily: Weekend Leisure presents “When I’m With You”...

Daily: Blur-Face of Notre Dame

Daily: I think the Manhattan is in the 3pounds per seat range. Right in...

Daily: I know it’s not a huge deal, but I’d gone at least a decade without seeing my dad’s steez and I was...

Daily: Don't Worry Everyone. We Got Lansdale, PA COVERED.

Daily: Oh yeah and this happened. (okayfine:131313thavenue)

Daily: Fuck yes!!!

Daily: Potentially Embarrassing Question: What was your first concert?

Daily: Mouse baked into hot dog buns!!!!!!!!!!

Daily: Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras-Trent. Totally my favourite...

Articles: Credit Check: Happy hour

Daily: BT has put a complex of tunnels beneath 100ft beneath High...

Daily: “Try as I might, I cannot imagine such a thing.”...

Daily: claytoncubitt: Tim Noble and Sue Webster ‘Dark Stuff’ 2008...

Video: Train

Daily: via

Daily: my christmas outfit

Daily: In the tank

Daily: There’s a huge backlit projection of this image across the...

Daily: Asher Penn

Daily: Photo

Daily: Canadian Comedy Duo Convinces Palin She's Talking To Sarkozy

Daily: Indian Jewelery - Bombing Nightclubs [mp3] Free show in Paris...

Daily: Frankfurt/Halloween/4 Bottles Of Wine/12 Tall Cans/Dave Suggests I Throw Our Bottle Of Jagermeister At A Car That Just Yelled At Us/I Think He's Talking Sense/Two Blocks Later

Daily: kishkash: “Future Sound of Russia is the best of the best of...

Daily: Riding a bike with a mask on under the viaduct against traffic...

Daily: halloween, berlin (via FREY)

Articles: Sarah Palin in six minute interview with Montreal radio hosts posing as French president Nicolas Sarkozy [MP3].

Daily: Photo

Daily: Photo

Daily: 1984 Watch: Aberdeen pub-goers may face drug test before entry

Daily: The BBC News caption: ‘The English is clear enough to...

October 2008

Daily: Happy Halloween you guys! (also, ugh)

Daily: (via okayfine) davidlook: what the hell, my blog is turning into...

Daily: Yup Lana, it would go down exactly like this. (HA, this scene...

Daily: Thanks Nyiri! (I’m still lurking…) (via okayfine)

Daily: Black scarecrow. DUH icanhazhotdog:who can guess which of these...

Daily: Going off the radar...

Daily: Going off the radar...

Daily: Madonna

Daily: I promise, I’m on it.

Daily: I think we can ALL agree this is why Halloween is awesome. Tim...

Daily: Last night was why I moved back to New York.

Daily: That’s just good sign making

Daily: My friends say I eat too many chocolate barsssssssssss

Daily: UNCUTE!!!!! Seriously, what’s going on you guys? (via...

Daily: Not fake-crying! What a monster

Daily: PedoBear. It’s over 9000!!!! (ugh, the internet is...

Daily: I saw graffiti on a pizza place that once said : Pizza....

Daily: I’ve always believed cats shouldn’t have names. Also...

Daily: Giant lego man washes up on beach and right in to my HEART.

Daily: The Lost Years & Last Days of David Foster Wallace

Daily: "Script: Hello, I’m calling for John McCain and the RNC, because Democrats are dangerously weak..."

Daily: Struggling Lower-Class Still Unsure How Best To Fuck Selves With Vote

Daily: nowhere-fast: Iggy Pop & The Stooges - The Passenger I...

Daily: Kafka in the Tub (part V)

Daily: luxuriousvulgarity: Miss Golightly Epistemology (via...

Daily: McCain's Disgrace

Daily: soupsoup: dalasverdugo: azspot: Red State Socialism The thing...

Daily: robot-heart: soupsoup: McCain’s Lobbyists. MAVERICK!

Daily: … and then God jerked off for a few days and burried it...

Daily: apsies: The Daily Show: Goin’ Rogue

Daily: Tonight! Anyone else?

Daily: Bees! By Isabella Rossellini

Daily: The internet’s given us a lot, but nothing has so enriched...

Daily: Redeemed! I don’t even know what a Sardoodledum is, but...

Daily: Obviously youtube knows me pretty well by now, always...

Daily: Get outta my mind, I was gonna blog this guy yesterday but...

Daily: AND while we’re on the subjet (that’s french...

Daily: Dont get me wrong, I love online shopping as much as the next...

Daily: Puffy Pants Boy (alternate costume) I am SO sorry, Kalola.

Daily: Puffy Pants Boy (alternate costume)

Daily: Puffy Pants Boy

Daily: the obama effect

Daily: rlrr: Where’s Joe? (via j48tgh4gt) Yeah, you ALL make $250,000 a...

Daily: Hah!

Daily: apsies: Bill Clinton last night in Kissimmee at the Obama...

Articles: Credit Check: Bye Lorne

Video: Too much Internet

Daily: Man do I ever want to do sex with Alec Baldwin. “Bible...

Daily: Oh no big deal here a family in P.E.I. just FOUND THIS DEAD...

Articles: Today is an auspicious day in the Only story

Daily: 16 films featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Daily: “As a registered not-for-profit society Pacific Cinémathèque is able to screen films that may...

Film: 16 films featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Daily: Hear that.

Daily: Get familiar.

Daily: These are all true about me except that instead of stocks I am a problem Ebay-er and instead of making a return on my investment I end up with a lot of other people's junk, so basically it's a win/win

Daily: Seems like something I would reblog.

Daily: icanhazhotdog: can someone be this for halloween?...

Daily: Ginger Love

Daily: Designer Drugs - “Zombies!” Missing these motherfuckers by just...

Daily: babyguh: Glitter dick = partei machen cameronr: So familiar....

Daily: ARE

Daily: But how do you find it? Seriously, vache.

Daily: joe bataan - my cloud lom: a song to hug the mystery in your...


Daily: I’m hyper cynical!!!!

Daily: "During the 1990s, while he served as chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI),..."

Daily: ihavegoodtaste: davidlook: So Chuck used to live in Johnny’s...

Daily: So Chuck used to live in Johnny’s apartment that he was...

Daily: These are all true about me except that instead of stocks I am a problem Ebay-er and instead of making a return on my investment I end up with a lot of other people's junk, so basically it's a win/win

Daily: indieandyy: thedailywhat: Rep. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) just took...

Daily: Photo

Daily: did you know?

Daily: Finished this last night. Highly recommended.

Daily: alextypical: Justice, Hate ‘em or love ‘em. Either way it...

Daily: Did I miss something really big because since when does D.L....

Daily: ha ha - it is NOT an upright piano is it? everyone still looked...

Daily: oh amazing. alextypical: Oh good they finally managed to bottle...

Daily: Mad Men opening sequence, Simpsons style.

Daily: OH, it’s for kids? Oh okay then.

Daily: oh. okay.

Daily: amilniazi: OH WOW - this cat you guys.

Daily: OH WOW - this cat you guys.

Daily: McCain gets all "socialist" on Florida

Daily: My self portrait through two movie stills. (yes, this is art,...

Daily: Oh no sorry, learning to make cut up t-shirts with Kat Von D is...

Daily: Joe the Plumber, Meet Dave the Fisherman THANK YOU!

Daily: Tori Amos is your girlfriend.

Daily: soupsoup: Ronald Reagan endorses Barack Obama.

Daily: Remember when everything was innocent? Now we live in a...

Daily: Lou Dorfsman, designer 1918-2008

Daily: So! I just got an email from a PR person about the new...

Daily: "All those National Lampoon movies were really erotic to me."

Daily: I can’t wait until the makers of Ultimate Fighting...

Daily: Mindy Kaling alert! I also think I’ll start testing my...

Daily: Photo

Daily: President of your eggs

Articles: Credit Check: Just wait until your father gets home

Daily: Tonight! Anyone else?

Daily: Obama v. McCain: Dance off.

Daily: Obama’s new ad FINALLY goes after Dick Fingers and his...

Video: I am totally into this weird, Euro kick dance thing

Art: Jason Mclean  Nothing’s Going To Change Me World 2007

Daily: The 7 minute animated version of Where The Wild Things Are from 1973

Video: Ricky Gervais and Thandie Newton read Nailin’ Palin porn script

Daily: chuckmore: ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Obviously both sides are trying to run and create image.  So if...

Daily: e-ville black-maria: BURN!!!!!!!!

Daily: black-maria: Ricky Gervais and Thandie Newton read Nailin’...

Daily: From here on out, I will always and only be referring to John...

Daily: karion: Fox News is now throwing Nicolle Wallace, a senior...

Daily: ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Obviously both sides are trying to run and create image.  So if we use this...

Daily: soupsoup:leilacohan:azizisbored: DAMON HITS UP A MCCAIN RALLY I...

Daily: For the first time in my life, I wish I lived in...

Daily: soupsoup: bowlingalleylawyer: hilker: (via ilindsay) “barthel...

Daily: branduponthebrain: “Lon Chaney, Sr. – Remembered...

Daily: "Blah Blah Blah Blah"


Daily: Fashion advice FAIL

Articles: I bought K a real pig-stickin’ knife on the weekend

Daily: Sweet Jesus.

Daily: FYI

Daily: (via apsies)

Daily: esandberg: TFD

Daily: MTV finally creates a big video jukebox of 22,000 songs. About...

Daily: McCain Tackles Obama on "Spread the Wealth"

Daily: McCain Tackles Obama on "Spread the Wealth"

cute: Animals riding other animals. Get used to it

Daily: I wish this was how everyone in America talked politics.

Video: I don’t want to sound racist here...

Daily: Photo

Daily: Ross Perot’s 1992 Infomercial Was everyone calling Perot a...

Daily: FYI

Articles: Credit Check: Wrong side of history

Daily: McCain Tackles Obama on "Spread the Wealth"

Daily: Well, I’m embarrassed for that little girl who made the...

Daily: Photo

Daily: parcequilyaplusqueca -djchampagne AAAAhhhhaaaaahaaa. This a...

Daily: Chikipedia

Daily: No Porno, Just Torture Porn

Daily: soupsoup: bowlingalleylawyer:randyhaddock:savvymac: Halloween...

Daily: fek: Kanye West vs. Radiohead - Reckoner Lockdown (DJ Earthworm...

Daily: This was the best ride I’ve ever been on. It’s...

Daily: You know that shit old people say about girls and tattoos and...

Daily: John Carpenter’s They Live Speaking of. 

Daily: 25 Greatest Movie Soundtracks of All Time

Daily: [By Emily W]

Daily: The Opposites - Dom, Lomp & Famous ft. Dio & Willie...

Daily: 131313thavenue: nov 7th??? cameronr: Yes.

Daily: "Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will..."

Daily: Nate Silver of on Colbert. In 20 years,...

Daily: rachelanastasia : paulscheer: Enjoy…”DON DRAPER’S GUIDE TO...

Daily: thedailywhat: Photos of Bono frolicking in St. Tropez with a...

Daily: In which US VP wannabe Joe Biden doesn’t take crap from a...

Daily: A great documentary on the design aesthetic of the London tube map.

Daily: The economics of blackmail It appears that blackmail and extortion are not as lucrative as you may...

Daily: A great interview in Vice of North Londoner Suleyman Ergun, the...

Daily: I hate when visitors let me in on something in my own (adoptive) town. On his world tour, Cam told...

Daily: Authentic.

Daily: This seems important.

Daily: Constantly.

Daily: All hail the dark lord, even though he’s still just a rat...

Daily: Sweet Skid, Bro!: I’ve got something for your mind. I saw...

Daily: Slint “Good Morning, Captain” from Spiderland. How has this not...

Daily: okayfine: Absolut Bling-bling cameronr: Save one, please.

Daily: apparently this movie is terrible, which really makes me want to...

Daily: Where would you take her?

Daily: Just Fucking Ponies

Daily: chuckmore: Hey, Bill Wordsworth. Save it for your...

Daily: Might go see Detroit Grand Pubahs tonight if we can’t scam...

Daily: Yes, But You Can't Unfollow My Soul

Daily: cameronr: I’m too sad to tell you (1971) - Bas Jan Ader

Daily: cameronr: About to go down a 50ft slide. davidlook: We’re...

Daily: "every club has beds for napping pleasure"

Daily: Great long interview with Tim & Eric in the Believer. Thanks Ryan

Daily: Time Management for Anarchists is a new comic by No Media King...

Daily: I have a half eaten taco in my tercel.

Daily: okayfine: New Friday Invention davidlook: New Friday Equation.

Daily: ‘Seeder’ by Morfai in Kaunas,Lithuania.

Daily: A good interview with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. I had not even heard of “Revolutionary...

Daily: What the fuck is going on America?

Daily: Please take this and all stories like it off my...

Daily: Kilo the cat, who lived on HMS Belfast, was avenged today after...

Daily: It’s all in the eyes (via daito)

Daily: Maer Roshan: The Exit Interview

Daily: Richard Yates (Revolutionary Road) was parodied in this Seinfeld...


Daily: This is my name as a face. Pretty accurate!! Try (via edr)

Daily: This is a good one. Though my favourite Didion is Slouching...

Daily: Flatulence's stink may be linked to lower blood pressure

Daily: I guess this is called a “Bumkin”?

Daily: Very Sexy Part II

Daily: Very Sexy Part I

Daily: Genius! I really could’ve used this tip when I was...

Daily: Gwon, Osang

Daily: How can something so disgusting be SO CUTE? Science you defy me...

Daily: In Times Like These

Daily: soupsoup: Sir Francis Bacon davidlook: winter wardrobe alert!

Daily: The world is a vampire, isn’t it panda?

Daily: Remember when Eddie Murphy was funny? Yeah, me neither. More...

Daily: These potty-mouthed McCain’s can not be stopped! Also,...

Daily: That is indeed the most logical way to deal with real estate

Daily: Let’s go Bass - you, me and the persian leopard...

Daily: Toshiba 8 Transistor Radio, 1960’s (via Roadsidepictures)

Daily: Least Wanted is my preferred fashion blog.

Daily: <3 Kelsey

Daily: Axe loofah!!! Dont drop the soap in this shower? via...

Daily: Stealing a nation: The novelisation

Daily: Stealing a Nation, a great documentary by John Pilger Beginning...

Daily: Call the tech guy

Daily: Waterfall -Quintron Too Thirsty For Love This is a pretty...

Daily: thehandshake: Does this supprt your claim that all actors are...

Daily: For those of you who still live in the city and care about what...

Music: Vancouver's History of Punk Show

Daily: Kafka in the Tubb (part IV)

Daily: uhh.

Daily: charmingmandy: Hey Ho!

Daily: ?

Daily: chetgulland: A theme is emerging in my fall wardrobe. It might...

Daily: I’ve read most of them. Excruciating. Like an episode of...

Daily: A true talent…and informational. cameronr: Isabella...

Daily: Blade Runner quadrant boot exam

Daily: From Russia with Love

Daily: This is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard.

Daily: Facebook Is Reportedly Considering Digital Music

Daily: Girlie ft. Lil' Wayne - Girlie's Got It

Daily: Photo

Daily: Isabella Rossellini teaches us about insect sex in Green...

Daily: At Stansted airport. London.

Daily: Eurail Sketch #9

Daily: Eurail Sketch #3

Daily: Eurail Sketch #10 - “Culture Jamming”

Daily: Mr. Cream of Wheat from Rinse Dream’s Nightdreams Get...

Daily: yumwatch:britticisms: Two staffers had just passed this site...

Daily: Pterodactyl Porn

Daily: Colin Powell Post Endorsement You can tell he hates McCain.

Daily: From Malamud’s ‘The Fixer’

Daily: I decided today that were I ever to take my own life I would...

Daily: Uhh Yeah Dude - Placenta Party

Daily: Uhh Yeah Dude - Bicycles  (Episode 126) There are soooo many...

Daily: Kate Bush - “Running Up That Hill”

Daily: 131313thavenue: Alice in Wonderland davidlook: brunettes R...

Daily: Photo

Daily: okayfine: James Brown gives you dancing lessons. davidlook:...

Daily: Christmas!

Daily: 131313thavenue: Alice in Wonderland davidlook: brunettes R best

Daily: look what happens when you leave itunes playing on your computer...

Daily: ihavegoodtaste: 1 pound bag of seeds, fridge full of Heinekens,...

Daily: jillsies: Jeff Wall, The Destroyed Room — October 25 - January...

Daily: standardgrey: Epic. Literally, rather than...

Daily: davidlook: I can’t believe you tumbled this! That’s the last...

Daily: davidlook: I can’t believe you tumbled this! That’s...

Daily: robot-heart: Obama compared to mass murderer Charles Manson at...

Daily: "just woke up and realized I deleted half my fun last night."

Daily: apsies: Joe Biden, fired up over Sarah Palin’s ‘pro-America’...

Daily: amilniazi: robhuebel:

Daily: K said he’d fill in on bass till we audition a girl with...

Daily: Kids get it. (via trabucchi:yes we can (hold babies))

Daily: "Gratitude. Cultivate it. Celebrate it. You survived. Check that: You survived, barely. To be sure,..."

Daily: OH MAN! okayfine:Don’t forget the flannel!

Daily: This band’s gonna rule! amilniazi:Anyone want to join my...

Daily: I finally gave in to the whole ‘match a donation’...

Daily: Me too. Longest Friday EVER. vortexvoid:now i really want to get...

Daily: Anyone want to join my new grunge band Sponge? (please note,...

Daily: Get this kid on the banana diet. UN CUTE! (via videogum)

Daily: itsbedtime: (via hydeordie) You guys know who’s bald head that...

Daily: Ha ha, what a clown indeed. And also, she used to be a Christian...

Daily: Trader Drove Up Price of McCain ‘Stock’ on Intrade

Daily: I don’t want to propagate racial stereotypes EVEN FURTHER,...

Daily: I think the real problem here is the name. Why don’t they...

Daily: But this should happen way more. All the time with the frogs on...

Daily: This deadly trend must be stopped.

Daily: Surprise! Mark Wahlberg can’t laugh at himself. Too bad...

Daily: Irish bookie says race over, pays off on Obama

Daily: chuckmore: babyguh: Berlin Calling davidlook: babes in Berlin...

Video: Dolly Parton - I’m not worth the tears

Daily: babyguh: Berlin Calling

Daily: Awesome!

Daily: My friend you are right, this is genius. alextypical:Although...

Daily: chuckmore: When it comes crashin’ down and it hurts inside,...

Articles: My name is Amil, and I'm a shit-heel.

Daily: Like I said - I was a horse in a past...

Daily: jennifur85: From my buddy, Darren

Daily: Icanhazhotdog: “Lisa wins for just completely...

Daily: Wrong bloggers, that is a WIN.

Daily: The idler's glossary

Daily: Was Joe the Plumber a Plant? Of Course He Was.

Daily: I’m very disappointed in John McCain. Because John McCain...

Daily: When it comes crashin’ down and it hurts inside,...

Daily: esandberg:deleteyourself:lolzface

Daily: Photo

Daily: I’m worried about Obama’s unflappability. The man is...

Daily: ihavegoodtaste: The Rat by The Walkmen on Juan’s Basement. I...

Daily: Debatewatch

Daily: rachelanastasia: GUYS!! I BAKED THIS CAKE IN THE MICROWAVE!! THE...

Daily: Although it can technically be called a romantic comedy, it is a study of people during the Great...

Daily: In times like these

Articles: Credit Check: Ad secretly placed quickly! Would pay again +++

Daily: Stephan Balleux: paintingpainting project

Daily: Van Dyke Parks - Song Cycle Def on my list of favorite abums

Daily: Are there any manly-men left?

Daily: There are some world records that really need to be set, like...

Articles: Potato, potatoe right Dan?

Daily: … and then they ate it. (via icanhazhotdog)

Daily: standardgrey: The Sartorialist (image) davidlook: Isn’t...


Daily: The Hamster Dance

Video: More Insanity From McCain/Palin Supporters

Articles: Like a giant dick riding a tiny penis

Articles: Nate Silver

Daily: Finally, everyone’s precious Bonobos are revealed to be...

Articles: Lowest voter turnout in history

Daily: Photo

Daily: alextypical: Why does cutting loose have to look so goddamn...

Video: Heated Exchange in Ohio

Daily: robot-heart: julyshewillfly:azspot: Obama Explains His Tax Cut...

Daily: All 2008 US Nobel Laureates In Science Endorse Obama

Daily: alphalemon: Was reminded of these photos I took of boobie...

Daily: That’s a YP, not an MP.

Daily: HAMBURGER EYES VIP Where are all the people? Put down the book...

Daily: Passion Pit - Sleepyhead skeetonmischa: This sweet lil’ jam has...

Daily: bonerparty: Yup, that’s where they go.


Daily: "You heard what happened at a rally yesterday. Sarah Palin mistook some of her supporters for..."

Daily: ihavegoodtaste: I love how they had to write ‘This is a parody’...

Daily: So far, five newspapers that endorsed Bush have endorsed Obama instead of McCain

Daily: Photo

Daily: I find America and American politics just so fascinating.

Daily: This is why it made more sense to train those miners to go into...

Daily: This kid’s name is Igor. Obviously.

Daily: cameronr: Palin As President Dot Com [via...

Daily: Palin As President Dot Com [via youwillbeassimilated]

Daily: I’m pretty sure Tess doesn’t realize what she just...

Daily: William Timmons, the Washington lobbyist who John McCain has named to head his presidential transition team, aided an influence effort on behalf of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to ease international sanctions against his regime.

uncute: ULTIMATE UNCUTE!!!!!

uncute: Oh god this baby and its laughing. UNCUTE!

Daily: Eating squirrel or rather NOT eating squirrel is something...

Daily: Only the finest medical-grade herpes from this guy! (via fail...

Daily: Too much cute! icanhazhotdog:look at all these little guys!

Daily: Hillary Voters Come Home

Daily: She’s totally my new hero.

Daily: Wow alert! Saw-themed roller coaster! (via videogum)

Daily: Eww, I hate tiny teeth. icanhazhotdog:oh man! this guy makes...

Daily: Photo

Daily: The best political ad of all time?

Daily: Free PDF here.

Daily: Photo

Daily: First they take our serving jobs and now they raise tiger cubs?...

Daily: Oh good, giant man-eating catfish.

Daily: Sarah Palin's reaction to the Legislature's Troopergate report is an embarrassment to Alaskans and the nation

Daily: Since 1929, Republicans and Democrats have each controlled the...

Daily: Photo

Daily: Mr. Oizo - Jo [mp3] [via vanmega]

Daily: Eurail Sketches #2

Daily: Eurail Sketches #1

Daily: “It’s toasted”

Daily: Rah Bras - No Furture

Daily: Photo

Daily: Photo

Articles: Credit Check: Gooaaaaaaalllllllll

Daily: Now i just dream about the holidays

Daily: drewjoma: Twyla’s Periodic Table

Articles: Palin vs. McCain

Daily: For anyone wondering how Trevor Larson is doing in Berlin.

Daily: 7am at club Berghein. We’re on our way in.

Daily: Best purchase I’ve ever made.

Daily: Animal Collective - Fireworks These guys were amazing last...

Daily: LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge I hear everybody that you know...

Daily: Photo

Daily: Nicholas Pittman

Daily: Kafka In The Tubb (part III)

Daily: Chopping Broccoli

Art: The Faces of Vanity Fair

Daily: Chopping Broccoli

Daily: 131313thavenue: I had the best conversation about magic carpet...

Daily: Photo

Daily: Photo

Daily: Pixdaus: God Gave Us Pics!

Daily: Seth Rogen to Make Cancer Funny

Daily: The Drum Buddy show!

Daily: A Canadians In Berlin

Daily: Phillips de Pury & Company: TIM NOBLE & SUE WEBSTER, A...

Daily: The Royal Art Lodge

Daily: "How I Got Rid Of It": Excerpt from Hymns To Millionaires

Daily: This is totally Berlin.

Daily: Greensboro Holiday Inn, 1961 (via Roadsidepictures)

Daily: I used to dream about saving the worldNow i just dream about the holidays

Daily: Holiday Inn of Kansas City, 1959 (via Roadsidepictures)

Daily: amilniazi: UM CUTE!! davidlook: stop turning amilniazi into a...


Daily: Paul Newman Autograph W/Cool Hand Luke Color Photo I really...

cute: UM CUTE!!

Daily: I’m in to it. It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets...

Daily: No Jake - they looked like this. But with more Nag Champa and...

Daily: Ugh, I saw a band called Corpus last night and while the music...

Daily: O.G. (Original Ginger) Oscar The Grouch (1969) Sesame Street - I...

Daily: I know a few of them

Daily: I believe in love


Articles: From the always charitable mind of Gwyneth Paltrow

Daily: Video

Daily: Get this shark's momma on Maury!

Daily: I think we all know what's important in this story, and also that school is your boyfriend.

Daily: Photo

Daily: I'm scrimshanking it today

Daily: I know a few of them

Daily: Annie v. Isis

Daily: Thunderheist - Jerk It [mp3] Bryn, Annie, and I partied with...

Daily: After discovering each other’s websites, we both felt and...

Daily: "Yet McCain and Palin - who are refusing to speak to the public through the media - are demanding,..."

Daily: mollylambert: I love this goddamn movie. I don’t really know why...

Daily: Whites are the New Blacks Combine this sucknut with the Sarah...

Daily: Dream place alert! A psychic told me I was a horse wrangler in a...

Daily: I just bought these off of etsy. I collect women’s shoes....


Daily: I don’t know how I missed this yesterday, but seriously,...

Daily: You better take that back Lana!

Daily: Sarah Palin Parking Lot Part II

Daily: robot-heart:apsies: The first 8 minutes of Michelle on Larry...

Daily: I'm an idiot: Part 8 billion

Daily: Words that should be killed

Daily: Great song, but where’s the Final Fantasy...

Daily: SOOOO, here’s a video someone made combining their two...

Daily: "hey did you like your pearls?"

Daily: It’s my birthday in exactly one month. JUST...

Articles: Credit Check: Size divide by zero

Video: Sarah Palin Parking Lot

Daily: "Yes, I definitely needed that glitter gun!"

Daily: Re Senator Obama's ostentatiously exotic pronunciation of Pakistan, one thing I like about Sarah Palin is the way she says "Eye-raq".

Daily: Matthew Feyld

Daily: Well world, this is what it’s come to. Hilary Duff...

Daily: a:2:{i:0;a:0:{}s:2:"o1";a:4:{s:12:"content_type";s:10:"image/jpeg";s:9:"extension";s:3:"jpg";s:5:"width";s:3:"333";s:6:"height";s:3:"500";}}

Daily: standardgrey: Now imagine it in flames.

Daily: Gardening on Salvia Pretty much.

Articles: WHOOPS America, this is your bailout!

Daily: "You know, back in 1980, Ronald Reagan asked the electorate whether you were better off than you were..."

Video: Hillary voters make a compelling case against Obama

Daily: David Brooks: Palin represents a fatal cancer to the Republican party

Daily: soupsoup: McCain camp “mortified” over Palin cover, upset that...

Daily: Robot Suit

Daily: Photo

Daily: Here’s the post-debate video where Obama gets all awesome...

Daily: "The day that Sen. Obama cast a vote to not to fund my son when he was serving sent a cold chill..."

Daily: just in time for lunch!

Articles: Can we also have a Prime Minister that Judo chops kids in the face?

Daily: Jammin on the 1! (via 131313thavenue)

Daily: Go ahead ladies girls children, just TRY not to get pregnant in...

Daily: Get into it people, the moneypocalypse is here.

Daily: Gallup: Obama Up by Eleven

Daily: PSA#2

Daily: More like...

Daily: Best morning ever already! (via fail blog)

Daily: ha ha - your mom got arrested for not stopping at a railroad...

Daily: "Jamie Lynn believed she couldn’t get pregnant while she was breast-feeding,” said the close source...."

Lotusland: Ladner tells the faithful - 'They smell blood'

Lotusland: We're not just greybeards - COPE

Daily: One would think a simple UMCUTE would suffice for this...

Articles: Credit Check: Im being home invaded. LOL!!!


Daily: I’m super romantic.

Daily: seagull: Amazing.  I want to hang out with this guy.

Daily: Careful Jake - I LOVED this movie. jacobwilliamgoodman: an...

Daily: My personal favourite.

Daily: Photo

Daily: Photo

Daily: Various phases of dating - The exciting phase

Daily: I’m always doing that to my best friends, right before I...

Daily: It’s not all bad news for obese children. Awesome sumo...

Daily: Guarding your shoes! (PS: Fuck you and your small shoes the...

Video: MIA - Bucky Done Gun

Daily: "If I get this tattoo gun, could I tattoo your butt?"

uncute: But UMMCUTE!!!

uncute: Nice try - UN CUTE

Video: No chocolate - Kids in the Hall

Daily: Actually, I would call this a WIN

Articles: FINALLY! Gmail drunk tests to prevent you from sending "that" email after one too many

Daily: Do you like me? Y or N. Circle one. (sarah palin’s...

Daily: Plastics ingredient linked to smaller penises

Daily: Surprise!

News: Credit Check: Clear and prescient danger


Daily: David Look-a-like: Classic life drawing on brown paper by...

Daily: This really is just one big Disney movie.

Daily: Thanksgiving at Swiss Chalet:

Daily: Family Happens At Swiss Chalet™

Video: Pipe wrench fight!

Daily: Photo

Daily: UMCUTE! icanhazhotdog: HEDGEHOG COSTUME!

Daily: jacobwilliamgoodman: most slept on, part 3: Rock*A*Teens - Sew A...

Daily: anyone remember THIS?

Daily: robot-heart: Marc Ambinder (October 06, 2008) - Who’ll Call...

Daily: Will October End in Race Wars??

Daily: 131313thavenue: for Amil.

Daily: The Penguin Debates Batman Did John McCain model his entire...

Daily: Jim Cramer: Get the Fuck out of the Market

Daily: Sarah Palin’s Glasses are a Maverick

Daily: Skream feat. Warrior Queen - Check It

Daily: DNA - Blonde Redhead [from Downtown 81]

News: Credit Check: The next station is never going to be built

Daily: DJ Blaqstarr & Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground

Daily: Oh, hey! I love you.

Daily: Polish Girls Are Officially The World's Best Looking

Daily: This was amazing. Also. it’s fun watching a movie where...

Daily: Camp Lo - Luchini

Daily: Tuxedomoon - East / Jinx

Daily: Obama Releasing 13 Minute Keating Five Documentary


Daily: 131313thavenue: i’ll take these AND a slave....



Articles: American Apparel User Reviews: The New Penthouse Forum

Daily: Something to believe in.

Daily: Leah Hayes, from Funeral of the Heart

Video: Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains

Daily: Photo

Daily: Did you ever notice the bad guys were “Arabs”?...

Video: Out of the Blue [dir. Dennis Hopper]

Music: Ladyhawk are writing a tour diary for the FADER

Art: Aurel Schmidt

Daily: Sightseeing In Rome. Or, This Is How I Communicate With God.

Daily: UNCUTE! [via CBC]

Music: Birdland - 2004 Demo

Daily: Photo

Daily: Mumdance - Big Shot Mix [mp3 via Mad Decent] Mumdance did a...

Daily: Palace Music - New Partner [mp3] Who doesn’t love this...

Music: Katrina Ford

Video: Celebration - Evergreen

Daily: We saw this little guy on the way to the Borghese Gallery where...

Daily: At dinner with my parents in Rome. As you can tell I’m...

Daily: Photo

Daily: Opening Day at West Side Park in Chicago, Illinois, on April 22,...

Daily: Me in bed with Ron Santo Well, that’s it. The Cubs lost...

Daily: If Sarah Palin Were Black

Daily: Ariel Pink - Gray Sunset

Daily: Video

Daily: McCain's style of bipartisanship

Daily: This is where I blog about my Halloween costume this year. It’s Larry Bird.

Daily: Good Housekeeping

Daily: brynna: We’re going to gross you all out now. davidlook:...

Daily: davidlook: the market may have crashed, but stock in Buzz...

Film: VIFF 08 | DAY TEN

Daily: Palin at 2006 Debate I know I said no more debate, but please,...

Daily: I know we’re all debated out… but one last thing....

Daily: now in comicbook superhero/villain spiderman carrying form.

Daily: dustinjohnbromley: HEHH?? How About Her, HHEHHH?!?! chuckmore:...

Daily: Somebody, anybody better email me something, anything soon because SERIOUSLY, everything is way boring without the constant interruption of pointless banter.

Daily: So many monsters alert!!!!! Apocalypse warning. (via gawker)

Daily: URG!!!! CUTE????? icanhazhotdog: Two-Headed Tortoise Born in...

Daily: I know I’ve thoroughly beat this horse to death, but if you ever been curious what Bizarro...

Daily: Well bless your little heart!

Video: And then there’s this guy

Daily: "He opened it like a human!"

Daily: “From now on, I don’t want to hear about Fukudome anymore as far as whether he’s...

Daily: Kinda like The Manhattan on the weekend.

Daily: Palin Blames Retardedness on Annoyedness And goes on to explain...

Video: Neon Lights - Kraftwerk

Daily: 'Maverick'

Daily: Boy, 7, goes on killing spree at Australian Zoo

Daily: "Say it ain’t so, Joe, there you go again pointing backwards again. You preferenced [sic] your whole..."

Daily: "Say it ain’t so, Joe, there you go again pointing backwards again. You preferenced [sic] your..."

Daily: Photo

Daily: Freakin' Wife

Daily: This is actually their tourism slogan…”The Great...

Daily: Oh fuck, it’s gonna be a good day. Thanks internet! (via...

Daily: amilniazi: Sarah Palin - Just the winks. Aww gee shucks...

Daily: Photo

Daily: Sarah Palin - Just the winks. Aww gee shucks daggnabbit, this...

Daily: CNN's the news you can use

Articles: Ha ha Jesus! You win.

Daily: Photo

Film: VIFF 08 | DAY NINE

Daily: benched.

Daily: Amazing!

Daily: robot-heart:laceymae:alanajoy: Pardon my rudimentary...

Daily: Unfollow#7

Daily: bonerparty: “I don’t get dudes these days. There they are just...

Daily: A Shout Out

Daily: brynna: I love you too deer. davidlook: I love you too deer.


Daily: HA HA! YES!!!! icanhazhotdog: INTERNET CORN!

Daily: UM CUTE! (via czupcaks)

Daily: My self portrait… via

Daily: Embarassing! We are totally wearing the same...

Video: Whoops! America

Daily: Favourite YouTube comment of the day

Daily: What the hell, I just had a film crew  approach my desk and ask me to open my iTunes and tell them...

Daily: The terror of a thousand suns burns in that horse’s eye....

Daily: Mustache rides! icanhazhotdog: Twinsies!

Daily: LOVE IT! (via jillsies)

Video: I got a man!

Daily: Photo

Video: John Hodgman reading his spam

Video: Yes kittens!

Articles: Sara-Cuda hunting bow from Lakota Industries

Lotusland: Mayoral debate round one round-up

News: Credit Check: What is the word for get out now?

Daily: Bob Cesca on 'Joe Six-Pack'

Daily: urg: I *cannot wait* until tomorrow. chuckmore: I wish there was...

Daily: charmingmandy: If you’re seeing the Silver Jews tonight while...

Daily: I’m not exactly sure what the fuck went down in Chicago...

Daily: Dear Only Crew,

Daily: robot-heart: apsies: election08: Katie Couric asks Joe Biden...

Daily: thehandshake: ihavegoodtaste: chuckmore: robot-heart: The G...

Daily: robot-heart: The G Spot: Must-see and hear of the day Racism...

Daily: FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daily: I think all this data actually tells us is that President Bush...

Daily: More on Joe Six-Pack

Daily: UM CUTE? (via videogum)

Daily: fek: If you were ever cool, you aren’t, now. chuckmore: Very...

Daily: Might be mine - R.Kelly I believe in the world again - this is...

Daily: Soooo-oooo I watched Paris Hilton’s My New BFF last night...

Daily: I'm your new lunch mom, get used to it

Daily: Ugh celebrities, stop losing the election for America.

Daily: blownspeakers: If you allegedly beat an innocent man because he...

Daily: Take a finger, lose a head Monsieur Pigeon. (via icanhazhotdog)

Daily: Great Moments in VP Debate History

Daily: More of this please.

Daily: PURE EVIL (via icanhazhotdog)

Articles: Slug love

Daily: Just out of curiousity, is this actually a good way to deal with...

Daily: Crab rides jellyfish

Lotusland: Toxic Tim can only hope for the worst

Lotusland: Where does the working class party go from here?

Daily: ha.

Daily: "And I have never been an astronaut, but I think I know the challenges of space."

Daily: "And I have never been an astronaut, but I think I know the challenges of space."

Video: Sarah Palin Has Never Seen Russia From Alaska

Daily: I don't think she understands the meaning of the word "law"

Daily: Something must be wrong because this almost made me cry and I...

Daily: pootee:(via risingtensions)

Daily: "It's time that normal Joe Six-pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency."


Daily: PSA: Don't watch The Love Guru.

Daily: Kafka In The Tubb (Part II)

Daily: Ok, so my skills as sports reporter are not exactly the most...

Daily: They held a rally in Chicago’s Dalay Plaza today, the eve...

Daily: cajunboy: Watch as Sarah Palin, a former college journalism...

September 2008

Daily: Image:Abraham-and-isaac.jpg - Wikipedia, the free...

Daily: Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg at the Limelight,...

Daily: Australian artist plans to smoke Kurt Cobain's ashes...

Daily: thecartoonblues: Blu

Articles: Fleshbot's Top Ten Punk Sex Videos

Daily: WIN! cameronr:Mr. Brain’s Pork Faggots

Daily: Jen Stark

Daily: Mr. Brain’s Pork Faggots

Daily: The Most Brutal, Black Metal Cookies Ever: A How-To Parody...

Daily: Thanks Cam! cameronr: Happy Ramadan, Amil!!

Daily: Happy Ramadan, Amil!!

Video: hahaha No Harold, you really didn’t have it locked did...

Daily: Gorgeous safe sex ad.

Daily: Dodging Wall Explosion II in Tate Modern.

Articles: Classic Wiley and Dizzee on ResonanceFM Right Now - STREAM

Articles: Get a job trashbag BUM!

Daily: Matt Leines

Daily: 131313thavenue: This is totally me right now. cameronr:...

Daily: This is all I have left. (via Videogum)

Articles: Word for Word. Harper Plagiarized speech?

Articles: ADORBS!!!!!! March over to me you cute yet ominous bush creatures

Daily: Uh, I’d call a three-way a...

Daily: cameronr: The Old Blue Last: Despite some reviews, actually, not...

Daily: Gorgeous safe sex ad. (via ffffound)

Articles: Happy Eid everyone!

Daily: Welcome to your future.

Daily: amil + michael cera = pure magic chuckmore: Michael Cera on...

Daily: Michael Cera on Letterman Buddy is adorable.

Daily: Zuul! Are you the keymaster? (via videogum)

Daily: I like this a lot. cameronr: Huma Bhabha - Untitled -...

Articles: The Old Blue Last

Daily: X (via andreas_n_fischer)

Daily: Reflection is a data sculpture, which was inspired by and...

Daily: Victor Pasmore, Abstract in White, Green, Black, Blue, Red, Grey...

Daily: Richard Hamilton, Soft pink landscape  1980

Daily: Richard Hamilton, Swingeing London 67 (f)  1968-9 Totally saw...

Daily: Huma Bhabha - Untitled - Contemporary Art

Daily: Matthew Monahan - Untitled (Red Face) - Contemporary Art

Daily: Berlinde de Bruyckere - K36 (The Black Horse)- Contemporary Art

Film: VIFF 08 | DAY SIX

Daily: berlin (via FREY)

Daily: This is what the Chicago Cubs looked like last time they won the...

Daily: okayfine: No offense, but I clearly win. elainecorden: yes you...

Daily: Latest Palin Gaffe: Can't Name Supreme Court Case Other Than Roe V. Wade

Daily: In re-introduction, Palin to do more interviews and "tell her story"

Daily: Photo

Daily: Not just for rappers anymore!

Articles: Well if you need me I’ll just be CRYING ALL DAY

Video: The Manhattan at 100

Daily: Ultimate gift alert! Also, will someone make me one that stamps:...

Daily: Things that are weird:

Articles: Photo

Daily: Get your neck up sir, that’s a terrible way to...

Daily: McCain’s Ahmadinejad Rap It’s so catchy!

Daily: opposite of pro = noob EVERYONE knows that. the internet, never...

Daily: okayfine: No offense, but I clearly win. elainecorden: yes you...

Film: VIFF 08 | DAY FIVE

Daily: The November GQ’s photos of Megan Fox that I burned...

Daily: Q: Dear Mr. Smith: I understand that the “change” pocket in pants keeps the bulk close...

Daily: More Like Abortion Ha Ha

Art: TJB

Daily: Sacred Mtn.

Daily: Sacred Mtn.

Daily: Sacred Mtn.

Daily: Page8

Daily: ILIRA

Daily: ILIRA



Daily: tetsunori.jpg

Daily: Yo Fest

Daily: Yo Fest

Daily: Yo Fest

Daily: autokrater: PARAHUMAN MILITARY:The Fish Fleet

Daily: trails_color.png

Daily: myabortion: Seriously, you guys. Thank you for helping me...

Daily: Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes (documentary)

Daily: Charles Bukowski - A Little Atomic Bomb

Daily: graba graba tape

Daily: I’m bored, so I just ordered myself a compost toilet....

Lotusland: Tim Louse, so close to winning

Film: VIFF 08 | DAY FOUR

Daily: There have been many retardedly great things about listening to...

Daily: Kevin Costner

Daily: I’m down with Kevin.

Daily: cameronr: Guy Richie’s RocknRolla. I actually like...

Daily: Ha! The best part is that actually WAS your boyfriend last...

Daily: seriously - the world has lost a very very good looking...

Daily: Paul Newman

Video: The most beautiful thing about Paul Newman was his undying love for Joanne Woodward.

Daily: Yes.

Articles: Not even when they shook hands…


Daily: I didn’t think the debate was that great. I thought Obama...

Daily: Ah, a wonderful movie. davidlook: Manhattan (1979)

Video: Stoked

Daily: Stan Meyer's Water Fuel Cell

Daily: Manhattan (1979)

Daily: Will you make me some hair horses while you’re here? (via...

Daily: YUP!

Video: How about some fun persian music?

Video: Mireille Mathieu - Les Yeux d’Amour

Daily: Frank Sinatra’s Owl likes to PARTY.

Daily: cameronr: ADAM!!!! Now that you’re married with a kid on the...

Daily: France Gall - La Guerre des chansons

Daily: Fave Francoise Hardy song ALERT!

Daily: We were just practicing defense techniques using a phone book...

Daily: Chris Rock AND Flava Flav for President! (whoops just kidding,...

Daily: Adorablog! cameronr: Look at this cute, little guy made of...

Daily: One time I went to visit my friend Josh who worked at a...

Daily: PETA wants Ben and Jerrys to use breast milk instead of cow milk for their ice cream

Daily: This is how it is.

Daily: pootee: hollowgram (via oh carlyn)

Daily: Hugo gorging himself on the leftover Thanksgiving turkey,...

Daily: I’ve never had fake talons before and last night a little...

Daily: Everybody’s got too much time on their hands. (via...

Daily: Apparently the aliens didn’t get the memo. (via wonkette)

Daily: Or I guess you could spin it this dumb way.

Daily: Shouts and Murmurs !

Daily: Eat a Dick.

Daily: Somebody out there is doing a great job of entertaining me. (via...

Daily: Ed Rollins: Republicans thinking about party, not country.

Daily: Baby Mama drama. Spoiler: the drama is that this movie sucks.

Daily: blood icing alert. (via buzzfeed)

Daily: My favorite thing ever on Goldenfiddle

Daily: John McCain Would Rather Ruin an Economy than Lose an Election

Daily: The National Review Falls Out of Love With Sarah Palin

Film: VIFF 08 | DAY TWO

Daily: The Guv.


Daily: Uhmmm...Best / Worst Double Bill Ever!

Daily: MTV blog features a 6 - Page preview of Jonathan Ame’s new...

Daily: Guess who has a birthday today! even though they’re dead...

Art: Francis Bacon

Daily: "I keep hearing that she’s ”like us.” There’s this idea that people who hunt and have ”good” values..."

Daily: chuckmore: Shoot me in the fucking face with this bullshit....

Daily: Shoot me in the fucking face with this bullshit. Honestly.

Daily: I know this is almost irrelevant by now, but still. (via)

Daily: soupsoup: Serendipity.

Daily: The Comb Over. The next big thing in men’s fashion.

Daily: amilniazi: Looks like David Letterman is the new president of...

Daily: McCain might miss his photo-op!

Daily: soupsoup: thedailywhat

Daily: urg: This totally gets my “best video of the week”...

Daily: Obama email calls bullshit on bullshit

Daily: Kafka in the TUbb (part 1)

Lotusland: Vision's 'Big Tent Party' is more often seen Federally than municipally

Lotusland: David Eby, get to know your ethnic block

Lotusland: What does the NPA think of the Vision candidates?

Lotusland: Can a Robertson be a progressive mayor in a party of developers and casino owners?

Lotusland: Courier's Vision Slideshow

Lotusland: Ladner criticised for lack of Insight support

Film: VIFF 08 | DAY ONE

Daily: chuckmore: black-maria: vroom. thehandshake: I believe...

Daily: ihavegoodtaste: Diesel SFW XXX This is...

Daily: amilniazi: You are amazing Christy Nyiri (via...

Video: Target Women: Cleaning


Video: This video is SO AWESOME!

Daily: (via icanhazhotdog)

Daily: Pink Floyd: Live at the Empire Pool, Wembley, 1974.

Articles: Unhappy face!

Daily: brynna: This is my phone number. I can’t remember it...

Articles: It's national punctuation day!

Daily: Did everybody die?

Video: Culture in Danger (Culture en Peril, with subtitles)

Daily: Campbell Brown’s Palin Rant While I obviously agree that...

Articles: Too far, China

Articles: Why is food so hard?


Daily: standardgrey: »I’m sorry but I don’t want to be an...

Daily: I spent a morning in John McCain's Virginia campaign headquarters ghost-writing letters to the editor for McCain supporters to sign. I even pretended to have a son in Iraq.

Daily: I spent a morning in John McCain's Virginia campaign headquarters ghost-writing letters to the editor for McCain supporters to sign. I even pretended to have a son in Iraq.

Daily: thehandshake: standardgrey: expo7000: Sigue Sigue Sputnik -...

Video: Her pussy is magic? Yours too?

Daily: Yes, it’s that kind of day. Nate Dogg and Warren G -...

Daily: Um WOW everyone - that’s your penis! That’s the...

Daily: i bought a new sweater for 4$

Daily: YVR: Waiting…

Daily: McCain Aide's Firm Was Paid by Freddie Mac

Daily: Crazy… (Hi-res here.) (via stencil)

Daily: The difference between Palin and Ahmadinejad… (via...

Daily: REGULATORS!!! Mount up.

Daily: robot-heart: Let’s play “Wall Street Bailout” Another name for...

Daily: Santogold feat. Gorrila Zoe & MIA - Get It Up (Radioclit...

Daily: Slacker Uprising: Free

Daily: I’m trying to phase the refridgerator out of my life in...

Daily: "No longer a Cher look-alike, now she’s a teenage Dolly Parton in hot pants. That’s the..."

Daily: Truly the ultimate query of our time… Unless McCain wins...

Daily: "The Wall Street financial disaster is an opportunity to create a genuine ownership society. If..."

Daily: "We do not support government bailouts of private institutions. Government interference in the..."

Daily: new outfit for dinner this friday.

Daily: Ha ha! Her thesis is on stupid hats (mine was obviously on...

Daily: September 23

Daily: Accidental FAIL. (hahaha you proved your point liberal elites,...

Daily: Falco - Der Kommissar I want to see his biopic so bad.

Daily: Fuck it. That’s some cute shit. I could die right now...

Daily: That’s why your child was taken from you, Sharon.

Daily: FAIL. Here’s some excerpts from this party (from the...

Daily: This is the best idea ever. Let’s hope that liveblogging...

Daily: Photo

Daily: Thailand is on sale!

Daily: Wait right there! I’ll be there tomorrow! [via...

Daily: lodonstreetfashion

Daily: More VPW awesomeness. You could seriously just watch this stuff...

Daily: What's The Most Efficient Way To Pack Underwear?

Daily: Over the Top’s final arm-wrestling scene. I’m...

Daily: How to commit suicide - the YouTube way. I can’t wait till...

Daily: I watched this VPW network in Winnipeg when I was a kid. It was...

Daily: 15 Things You Need to Know About the Panic of 2008 -

Daily: And now let's hear from a YouTube commenter aka the future of the universe

Daily: "But it was a surprise guest appearance by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who skated..."

Daily: amilniazi: We’re all the greatest generation! (via...

Daily: Curren$y - Fin…(Mixtape) Spitta’s final mixtape. His name...

Daily: I'm At My Parents House And I Just Drank Milk Straight From The Two Litre

Daily: The Twelve Lies of Sarah Palin

Daily: An 11-year-old in Aurora says his first amendment rights are...

Daily: Roger Ebert: Certifiable Creationist On Ebert’s blog, the...

Daily: Two McCain advisers told participants in a weekend retreat that his administration would discourage Israeli-Syrian peace talks and refrain from actively engaging in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Daily: soupsoup: cajunboy: Chris Rock followed Bill Clinton as a guest...

Daily: Photo

Daily: amilniazi: Oh fuck, please watch this and please know that being...

Daily: Hipster XXX

Daily: pootee: (via uuiuu)

Daily: Terror Bird - White Lights I knew that this would be the perfect...

Daily: If I’ve absorbed anything from watching Guy Maddin’s movies, it’s that factual accuracy is...

Daily: When Reality Becomes Drama, I Blog About It.

Daily: My hood on Microsoft’s new mapping system. The Birds Eye...

Daily: CNN on Palin’s ‘Road to Nowhere’ This is...

Daily: By a 2-to-1 margin, Americans blame Republicans over Democrats for the financial crisis that has swept across the country the past few weeks...

Daily: rlrr: Driving Mr. McCain (via

Daily: okayfine: Nuba Surprise! An unexpected lunch date in honour of...

Daily: The GOP's Golden Ticket

Daily: Alan Moore on 'Watchmen' movie: 'I will be spitting venom all over it' |

Music: What was the #1 Song on the day you were born?

Daily: brynna: Some things I’ve learned about Berlin #3:  There’s still...

Articles: History of U.S. Gov’t Bailouts

Articles: Misissippi Ku Klux Klan

Video: Caribou Ken

Articles: Dov Charney on SNL

Video: Fame

Daily: FAIL.

Daily: Wave pools = that kid’s pee splashing in your face, ALL...

Daily: Loan Titans Paid McCain Adviser Nearly $2 Million -

Daily: I don’t know what to make of the new show True Blood. On...

Articles: Hadron collider - SABOTAGED!

Daily: amilniazi: Will the internet ever stop giving? chuckmore: And...

Daily: Photo

Video: Will the internet ever stop giving?

Daily: Filthy animals, those Republicans.

Daily: Babar! (via alextypical)

Lotusland: David Eby, gracious in defeat

Daily: blownspeakers: My girlfriend totally wants me to make one of...

Daily: davidlook: deluxe junky Wow, somebody got up on the wrong side...

Articles: Autumn: Officially Now

Daily: I was doing a shitload of this with porn photos for a while....

Daily: pootee: eyezulls (via Zoots)

Daily: vintagephoto: Bohemian Grove When I get into Heathrow I want...

Daily: Feminism. Okay, go… [via babyguh]

Lotusland: Allen Garr's Vision picks

Lotusland: NPA school wannabe blames Fraser Institute for poor East Side schools

Lotusland: Full counts of Vision nominees

Lotusland: Vision's Park, School Board, and Council nominees

Daily: hot!!!

Daily: okayfine: This is how Chuck likes to be picked up from the...

Daily: okayfine: Stills from today’s karaoke shoot, Laura Brannigan’s...

Daily: Rye Rye & MIA - Tic Toc [mp3]

Daily: Fred Goldman Alert!

Daily: liquid+ » SKREAM Essential Mix

Daily: Diplo & Santogold - Icarus [mp3]

Daily: Diplo & Santogold - Top Ranking I can’t believe I...


Daily: I know, my books are awesome. (via 131313thavenue)

Daily: The Cubs just clinched their division for the second year in a...

Daily: Tomorrow will be the last day that the Yankee’s will ever...

Daily: With this disappointing poll released by the AP revealing that...

Daily: tears...

Daily: yumwatch:shutupinternet:mad-thoughts: Who is inspiring who in...

Daily: Gather Round Me Children A Story I Will Tell

Daily: I worked day and night for that one. Happy Friday!

Daily: "Listeria jokes hurt victims’ families"

Daily: That’s no excuse for touching that other guy’s...

Daily: Slumming It In Surrey

Daily: grimmertown: Pop Montreal starts next week and there at least a...

Daily: I just bought 10,000 shares in David Look!

Daily: Slumming It In Surrey

Daily: "I didn’t decide to run for President to start a national crusade for the political reforms I..."

Daily: Dear Friends and Tumblr Followers Who May Not Actually Like Me...

Daily: Uh-oh! David Look v. Chris Kahle.

Daily: Lotus Stock Exchange: David Look (DLOO)

Daily: On This Twentieth Year Since The Fatwa Was Issued Against Salman Rushdie by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

Daily: Why Aren't More Hip-Hop Producers Sampling The Clash?

Daily: soupsoup: ephemeron Obama plays the worlds smallest guitar for...

Daily: Photo

Daily: (via vir.gen)

Daily: cajunboy: I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. cameronr:...

Daily: Well there goes that.

Daily: Photo

Daily: Does this mean is not going to happen?

Daily: Fuck.

Daily: I always wanted to be an unwed mother.

Daily: Untitled Document

Daily: Who is Frand Sinatras?

Daily: But these might.

Daily: Hungry. (a poem by david look)

Daily: No matter what you think, this will not fix anything.

Daily: chuckmore: Frank Sinatra’s Owl and the Salton Sea.

Daily: chuckmore: Frank Sinatra’s Owl is BLOWING UP. He even had a...

Daily: Frank Sinatra’s Owl and the Salton Sea.

Daily: Frank Sinatra’s Owl is BLOWING UP. He even had a cameo in...

Daily: okayfine: The Irish Heather: Cam accompanies Christy to meet...

Daily: That cat has man-hands. (via icanhazhotdog)

Daily: A lot Of People Seem To Be Posting Their Poetry On Facebook

Daily: robot-heart:unburyingthelead: Katie: “Your vice presidential rival, Governor Palin, said “To the...

Daily: babyguh: Frank Sinatra’s Owl made a cameo in the Vivian GIrls...

Daily: “I’m a PC and I’m this ad and I try too hard...

Daily: Chicago named America's most stressful city

Daily: My recommendations for new Torontonians

Daily: I was JUST saying this. What happened to the good ol’ days...

Daily: Exactly how I feel today.

Daily: Damn you, CBC and your hiring policies. Curse my...

Daily: A lot of People Seem to be Posting their Poetry on Facebook

Video: Bison - Cancer Rats (live)

Daily: Don't Try To Book A Flight Online With A Shitty Internet Connection

Daily: Retro Kidz - New Era If you grew up with these videos this would...

Daily: Did You Know EXCEPTER Run A Podcast Where They Post Their Live Shows???

Daily: James Pants - Ka$h (A-Trak & XXXchange Remix) [mp3]

Daily: N.A.S.A. Music (LA Riots Remix) [mp3]


Articles: How can someone from another city write an honest article on a scene they haven’t been involved with?

Daily: Sir Ben Kingsley lip syncs to “Minor Threat” [via...

Daily: Buy my stock!

Daily: Pink Reason - Dead End [mp3] Played with these guys once and...

Daily: okayfine: The Irish Heather: Cam accompanies Christy to meet...

News: Credit Check: Vancouver’s Fastest Growing Newspaper

Daily: (via brynna)

Articles: Wow. That McCain/Palin town hall from yesterday continues to be a source of hilarity

Lotusland: Interviews with the class of '72: a mayor and council who changed the city

Lotusland: Being mayor means not humiliating Vancouver on the world stage

Lotusland: Green rank and file unhappy their lot in COPE-Vision deal

Lotusland: It is time for Tim Louis to move on

Lotusland: Insights into Politician A, B, C & D

Daily: alphalemon: Chuck, you’re all politics and thinking and I’m all...

Lotusland: COPE and Vision are like Brent and Wayne Gretzky

Lotusland: Ladner has bias against addicts, says youth advocate

Lotusland: Raymond Louie has his own Vision slate for council

Daily: It Gets Better!

Daily: "[McCain] said that he is calling for the firing of the Security and Exchange Commissioner. Well I..."

Daily: I love pool parties!

Articles: Whoa Lego, we need to talk about inappropriate role models for children

Daily: cameronr: Fear and Loathing | 2008 National Conventions Amazing...

Articles: Fear and Loathing | 2008 National Conventions

Video: Scene from Saw 5

Daily: New mixtape from Nick Catchdubs and Timbaland’s boy Izza...

Daily: Jobs in Social Media

Daily: The Lana Show is a total boner party. Super boring too. Check...

Daily: Photo

Daily: That poor white man must be terrified.


Daily: Jobs in Social Media

Daily: "We love indie rock and we know full well that Pitchfork doesn’t so much critique bands as..."

Daily: This is gonna be the best hot dog stand...

Daily: The turtle gutting scene is the worst. (But also, I’ve...

Articles: Seymour's On Seymour

Daily: The Phantom Remember this guy?

Daily: Harvey Sarcastic Disco : Simply Good Music: VA - Black Cock...

Daily: Tumblr Audio Parser : yearofspaghetti

Daily: Melanie Bonajo

Daily: And Another One

Video: G'Day Canada!

Daily: I’d do him. okayfine: I dunno, Lana. This is a fucking hot...

Video: Hello Student Bodies!

Daily: "There are people in this country who will pay whatever price is necessary to hold on to their..."

Daily: Hate voicemail sent to Gawker

Articles: Always with the fucked up creatures you guys

Articles: Vaders in Love

Daily: What I’m reading right now (we’ve always had a...

Daily: Why is this story: Engineer of wrecked train was texting on...

Daily: Palin: Miss South Carolina Redux Yesterday, Sarah Palin took...

Daily: Today We Are All Fundamentals

Daily: Going east with the wind

Daily: A + J B = TLF (via okayfine)

shindig: Shindig! Watch: Week One | Round One

Daily: claytoncubitt: “We can’t afford another Republican president who will follow his party’s ghosts...

Video: Cute it out!

Daily: “Creme de la Creme The Mixtape” (The Trailer) Looks...

Daily: Otarie - Lazy Lover jessicapetunia: People always talk about how...

Daily: Jeru the Damaja - Going Back To Philly It’s Always Sunny...

Daily: [mp3]

Daily: Xiu Xiu - untitled: Will You Please Sing On This [mp3] About a...

Daily: Lucky Dragons - Mercy [mp3]

Daily: U.S. Girls - I Can Hear Music (Ronettes/Beach Boys cover) [mp3]

Daily: Explode Into Colours - Sharpen the Knife [mp3]

Daily: Explode Into Colours - 2 For Jazz [mp3]

Daily: Minister faces calls for resignation after joking about listeriosis outbreak

Articles: Minister faces calls for resignation after joking about listeriosis outbreak

Daily: Tory dissenters 'idiots, turds'

Daily: Keri Hilson f. Lil Wayne - Turn Me Off [mp3] This beat is hot.

Articles: Tory dissenters 'idiots, turds'

Daily: Of Montreal - Id Engager (Mad Decent remix) [mp3]

Daily: Oh, Vancouver. [via Colby Rae]

Daily: cameronr: Shindig! Watch: Week One | Round...

Daily: alphalemon: McDonalds cookies (like animal crackers) are THE...

Daily: okayfine: SOC.IAL: Christy was the only participant not hungover...

Daily: okayfine: SOC.IAL: Christy was the only participant not hungover...

Daily: naked capitalism

Daily: ‘Aryan Outfitters’, Anthony Karen for Mother...

Daily: "If you were charged with something and found innocent, then you can't be found guilty for being found innocent".

Daily: Galerie Barbara Thumm

Video: The ol’ boy network? In the McCain campaign, that’s called a staff meeting

Daily: Huffington Post wins for best image of the day, hands down.

Daily: What do you say, Lana?

Daily: What do you say, Lana?

Daily: Photo

Daily: Miracle?

Daily: Is This Gay?

Daily: Dethklok vs the Fashion Industry pt.1

Daily: thehandshake: Yes! You know…it was! amilniazi: It WAS...

Daily: It WAS fun! icanhazhotdog: click this it’s so much fun!

Daily: Yes PLEASE. I can’t believe snowball fights with your self...

Daily: "‘Low-risk’ murderer escapes from Bowden Institution"

Daily: DEFINITELY. (via davidlook)

Daily: Photo

Daily: uhm, you should prolly take the cap off. (via okayfine)

Daily: "His MySpace page says, “I love Jesus."

Video: Important work distraction.

Daily: Personal and unaffiliated Shindig report. Night one. Had udon...

Daily: It's derogatory, offensive, and if published in any other medium would have been censored. I hope Beyond Robson doesn't support these types of racist stances.

Daily: Is there a disease that makes it so I can’t eat at my desk without getting food everywhere? Cause if there is I am the captain of that disease.

Daily: This is why you don't conduct state business on a personal e-mail account.

Daily: Obama re-takes the lead in Gallup daily tracking

Daily: robot-heart: squashed: I just criticized McCain for airing an...

Daily: rlrr: (via pica)

Daily: "Weight gain not intentional to dodge execution, inmate says"

Daily: New Yorker piece on Sarah Palin's down home charm = megalolz

Daily: Speak it Kells!

Daily: Bill Maher does Rachel Maddow Liberal porn!

Daily: Palin criticizes Clinton over protest

Daily: That's pretty gay Chuck.

Daily: Nine Types of Drinkers - Which one are you? (And for some reason "All 9" is not an option. Eggheads, what do they know about science?)

News: Credit Check: Privatise the Homeless

Daily: supersonicelectronic: i want these buttons! chuckmore: Last...

Daily: I did something kind of gay today.

Lotusland: NPA runs full slate of Park Board candidates

Lotusland: ... but only two-thirds of a School Board slate

Lotusland: Work Less Party: we'll divert police budget to social workers to cut crime

Lotusland: Cadman no longer complaining about personal $40,000 campaign debt

Lotusland: 'Why dump Sullivan?'

Lotusland: Ladner drifts to the right

Daily: "A re-elected Conservative government would offer first-time homebuyers a new tax credit of up to..."

Daily: "An editorial in the journal criticizes the Conservative government’s policies, and an..."

Daily: mikedressel: (via)

Daily: The Russians HATE Palin

Daily: Palin to do Hanity

Daily: amilniazi: Oh wow. It is so imperative that in order to convey...

Daily: soupsoup: Child laborers making soccer balls for Nike for...

Daily: Real Dolls.

Daily: tylercoates: John got me this for my birthday. It is fantastic....

Daily: deleteyourself: Barack Obama poses with Terry Richardson! So...

Daily: okayfine: The Cambie: David Look is accepted into luncheon group...

Daily: I was just having dinner with my folks, and we were all going...

Daily: Amil + Justin Bobby = True Love Forever.

Daily: People say… I eat too many CHOCOLATE bars. HAHAHAAHAH

Daily: Amil + Justin Bobby = True Love Forever.

Daily: My Husband Fell Asleep With Rubber Bands Around His Testicles For 4 Hours, Will They Have To Remove Them?

Daily: That’s always happening to me too, only with...

Daily: okayfine: The Cambie David Look is accepted into luncheon group...

Daily: Rabindra Singh, ‘Raining in My Heart (Longing)’,...

Daily: cameronr: Does anyone know where I can find one of these? It’s...

Daily: noppppp: Histoire de l’Oeil

Articles: Does anyone know where I can find one of these?

Daily: The men’s washroom on my floor smells terribly of piss...

Daily: “Some shit about Marc Emery and “Commercial Drive...

Daily: Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna (leak)

Daily: Soulwax: Most of the Remixes 2007 [first up vanmega]

Articles: You can always judge a good lunch date by the things...

Daily: Photo

Articles: WOW! (via icanhazhotdog)

Articles: Business Lady

Daily: Neon Hunk - Nugglies [mp3] (off the album Smarmymob on Load...

Articles: Vegetable barley is not a good lunch.

Daily: those damn teen sluts just won’t leave me alone!

Daily: TV on the Radio - Golden Age Hot cops, Care Bears, and black...

Daily: alextypical: It’s rough man. I don’t know where to start or...

Daily: Sinden on KISS radio - Sept. 4th mix Paul Devro keeps posting...

Daily: Arabian Prince - Let’s Hit The Beach

Daily: Red Bull Music Academy

Daily: The Streets - Everything is Borrowed

Daily: (via Buzzfeed)

Daily: He’s a real one Trig pony. icanhazhotdog: I can’t see...

Daily: icanhazhotdog: I can’t see what’s wholesome about baby...

Daily: Wow - thanks for this! (via alextypical)

Daily: The Bug feat. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart

Daily: me: was this your doing?

Daily: The Cool Kids - Delivery Man

Daily: Johnson & Jonson - J&J I’m gonna keep upping these...

Daily: DJ Ayres & Nick Catchdubs & Jess Jubilee - Flashing...

Daily: Beenie Man & Wiley - Rolex It Up

Daily: Dre Skull - Sissy Bounce mix Sissy Bounce is a New Orleans rap...

Daily: Deerhoof feat. Zac Pennington - Gut Symmetries

Daily: "The idea that “the people” will take on and destroy “the establishment” is a utopian fantasy that..."

Daily: thehandshake: A woody? davidlook: via

Daily: via

Daily: LUNCH

Daily: via

Daily: moon stephen harper - Moon Shots

Daily: "Nothing against cows. Nothing against high-school BFFs and being true to your school. But a..."

Daily: FYI my birthday is totally coming up (via icanhazhotdog)

Daily: umcute!

Daily: I think cold noodles are delicious. (?ew?) cameronr: As...

Daily: OHMYGOD you guys, stay away from instant coffee and brazil nuts...

Daily: Actually, Achilles invented the BlackBerry.

Daily: Oh wow. It is so imperative that in order to convey your...

Daily: It's a CNN kind of morning

News: Credit Check: Burning Bridges

Lotusland: COPE-Vision accord a 'stinking deal'

Lotusland: It's a waste of resources to ticket DTES street vendors

Lotusland: Park board candidate wants artists-in-residence in park caretakers' houses

Lotusland: Voting Vision-COPE is like voting NDP says Ladner

Lotusland: Possibly the third story the Province has written about the civic election - this one on David Cadman

Lotusland: Excellent profile of city manager, Judy Rogers

Daily: thehandshake:What the? Is he wearing a shower...

Daily: True Blood

Daily: The store up the street knows my shit and they set aside any...

Articles: Strategies to Prevent Yuppies* Buying Your Rental and Then Kicking You Out

Daily: cameronr: These girls once slept in my living room. Ever since,...

Daily: okayfine: September 4th: The Salty Tongue Hmmm. Next time...

Daily: okayfine: Finch’s Cam and Christy met up at about 1pm. Both had...

Daily: Tim Robbins: What’s The Difference Between A Hockey Mom & A Hockey Dad? An Oscar

Daily: Photo

Daily: More on the Economy

Daily: "Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed..."


Daily: Obama hammers McCain on the economy.

Daily: Biden hammers McCain on the economy.

Daily: Tanzen ist verboten 131313thavenue: This is a jazz hands free...

Daily: Team Shindig

Daily: Image from Tony Labat’s I WANT YOU auditions [flickr...


Daily: Liu Xiaodong - Under the Cherry Blossoms I don’t really...

Daily: skeetonmischa: Scenes from the officially unreleased The Decline...

Daily: alextypical: Miguel Calderon. Hi. I like your work very much.

Daily: Aa live @ The Comet in Seattle

Daily: Raccoon house party = UN(sure)CUTE? (via videogum)


Daily: “L.A. teenagers are no longer playing end games —...

Daily: Penthouse article written in 1982 about the L.A. punk...

Daily: Uncle Leland’s hair turned white! (via chuckmore)

Articles: The bottle of Chanel No. 5 that Melson found on Monroe’s...

Daily: But seriously, of all the heads to see in your mind ALL THE...

Daily: Hey you! Get in to my car! (By “car” I mean stomach...

Articles: One of Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin’s First Actions as Alaska Governor Was to Equip the State Building with a Tanning Bed

Daily: Photo

Daily: These are all good fun (especially the one with the monkey...

Daily: Hockey Moms for Truth

Lotusland: COPE-Vision deal ratified by members

Lotusland: 'Most diverse' slate need for Olympics opportunity - Ladner

Daily: Photo


Daily: The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox (from the album Live at the Witch...

Daily: John McCain, Release Your Health Records Especially now with...

Daily: itsbedtime: If only he could pull off open toed red...

Video: T.I.T.S. - Live at Upset The Rhythm.

Daily: Salem - Snakes [from Yes I Smoke Crack 7” on Acephale]

Daily: Salem - Minemine

Daily: The New York Times Editorial Board: 'Swoosh!'

Articles: Best comment on The Huffington Post ever?

Video: She was never bored because she was never boring

Daily: Obama Meets O'Reilly: No One Dies!

Daily: The Art of Being a Redhead: Redheads in 19th-century Art

Daily: Hot T-Shirts (Trailer) Directed by Chuck Vincent skeetonmischa:...

Articles: Sarah Palin Action Figures

Daily: Dr. Dre - ‘86 In the Mix! (Side One) Dr. Dre - ‘86...

Daily: Dr. Dre - ‘85 Live! (Side One) Dr. Dre - ‘85 Live!...

Video: Thai Sylvania Light Bulb Ad

Daily: Terry Lynn - The System [mp3] The goal of video created for The...

Daily: Way less threatening than a hot beef injection. johnbowman: via...

Daily: Free Birthday Cake!!!

Daily: Ballz - Untitled (from March 18th) Ballz is 2/3 of Basketball....

Articles: The Moment You Seriously Use The Term 'Personal Brand' You Grow AIDS

Daily: Quinn: also, Lorne Mayencourt is running for the Tories

Daily: Chad VanGaalen - Molten Light Music and video by Mr. Van Gaalen

Daily: Photo

Daily: today is a day for saying goodbye…

Video: Chad VanGaalen - Molten Light

Articles: There’s a wall of TVs in the newsroom all tuned to different channels

Articles: Who Will Be the Godfather of Web Video?

Daily: amilniazi: YES ALERT!

Articles: YES ALERT!

Articles: "Girls in NY like to party and they like to fuck."

Video: Doctors said she wouldn’t be able to walk for at least a year

Articles: Photo

Daily: cameronr: Emergency Room Strathcona: Post Misfits Halloween...

Daily: RIGHT??

Articles: HA HA!

Daily: It seems Only’s readers are as retarded as ever. Some...


Articles: Cats I am Near

Articles: Also not food - fetuses. Cut it out.

Articles: DONT EAT THIS. Ox penises, you guys, are not food.

Articles: There Will Be More Wars

Daily: Hard to remember, but there was a time not so long ago that I...

Lotusland: COPE-Vision deal not guaranteed

Daily: lom: REMEMBER THE FALLEN 9-11-01 bought a couple years back on...

Daily: HA HA! They are the FUTURE. elainecorden: Who are these retards?...

Daily: Just sayin’.

Daily: I hope she is president when this decision has to be made...

Video: Buster Keaton - The Railrodder pt.1 (via ambergambler)

Daily: "Rap fans are outgoing and far from gentle, while indie music lovers lack both self-esteem and the..."

Daily: As a working mom with a child with Down syndrome, Sarah Palin makes me shriek

Daily: What’s thong with this picture? This or Hasselhoff with...

Daily: This is a visual response to this, and was found hanging on the...

Daily: via

Daily: Woman auctions virginity to pay for education

Daily: Drill, Baby, Drill! Terrifying brilliance.

Daily: Never ask the internet for anything....


Articles: Please. Never. Forget. This.

Articles: Vertigo…Then and Now

Articles: John McCain's former press secretary

Video: 8:46 A.M

Articles: If the world could vote

News: Credit Check: Riding the rails

Daily: Why rednecks may rule the world

Daily: “I have come to believe, he is grateful to the American...

Daily: Why rednecks may rule the world

Daily: On the foreign policy front, Obama has convinced me that he is...

Lotusland: Wagering on the candidates

Lotusland: NPA wannabes are from all walks of life

Lotusland: At 16,000 members, Vision is the largest civic party

Lotusland: Premier's fundraiser Zlotnik seeks second NPA Park Board term

Lotusland: Jamie Lee Hamilton decision inpires transgender activist to quit NPA

Lotusland: Vision school board wannabes debate

Lotusland: COPE folded for Vision says angry Tim Louis

Video: Sit on you

Articles: WANT.

Video: What’s Your Problem?

Video: Tim and Eric Podcast #2

Daily: Photo

Video: Eugene Mirman discusses Sarah Palin at the RNC

Articles: I finally put the Jonny P illustration up I bought forever ago

Articles: Bike helmet laws are bullshit

Daily: Photo

Articles: Stephen Harper quote

Daily: The Eugene Mirman Convention Experience

Daily: black-maria: no drapes! thehandshake:Debbie’s NOT Hairy!



Daily: We need to use this for our “Harper: He’s a...

Daily: What do you even say? I’m just really grateful the...

Daily: Oh Vancouver.

Daily: My Dad Wrote Me A Letter in His LA WEEKLY Column: "Dear Daughter: Sarah Palin, Live Like Her."

Articles: Obsessed With Fixed Gears = Obsessed With Cars

Daily: At Blondy's Coffee on 4th Ave

Articles: FUCKING AWESOME!!!!Look at all of those hook accessories!...

Articles: via

Daily: 131313thavenue: Unemployed and Homeless: Part 1 davidlook: My...

Articles: "Fuck the world, don’t ask me for shit. Everything you get you gotta work hard for it."

Daily: 131313thavenue: Unemployed and Homeless: Part 1 cameronr: Oh...

Articles: Are you registered to vote?

Daily: "If [he] is prepared to slash program spending when he has large surpluses and break his written word..."

Archive: Vancouver On The Rise- A Preview of 2010 Olympic Venues

Daily: cameron, why are you such a gaytard?

Daily: blownspeakers: babyguh: Kitten Power




Daily: "I want to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago. I want to know that. I..."

Articles: I want to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago

News: Greens on TV

Daily: amilniazi: What The National Post thinks gay people look like....

Daily: I Think These Two Were Made for Each Other

Daily: Making A Story 'stick'

Daily: Making A Story 'stick'

Articles: Please avoid reading this post if you are not in the mood to hear a crotchety rant about the ANGERINGINGLY horrible way the "females" on the irrelevant but still on TV so I might have watched it a couple times show Entourage are portrayed.

Articles: What The National Post thinks gay people look like

Daily: Are You Registered?

Articles: I went to the sali-ann on 12th off Main

Daily: Video

Articles: I used to love Bond movies as a kid, but then they went and made...

Daily: Schedule | CiTR SHiNDiG 2008

Daily: UGH. Look at that kid’s mouth. And why does he have so...


Articles: The cost of wars around the world - in easy to understand...

Daily: Oh him? That’s just my dad. (via theaestheticpoetic)

Articles: I sure regret being a pew sitting Jehovah’s Witness now....

Daily: "Anyone who thinks the [Large Hadron Collider] will destroy the world is a twat."

Daily: Honestly, Fuck These Assholes This framed photo was hanging on...

Daily: Scottsdale, Arizona

Lotusland: The Province actually has a story on the civic election. COPE-Vision deal, of course.

News: Credit Check: Bounty, for the taste of adventure

Lotusland: COPE-Vision deal an uneasy alliance - Ladner

Lotusland: COPE-Vision deal entrenches Vision to the left - Ladner

Lotusland: Long-time School Board member Denike to start treatment for colon cancer

Lotusland: Members rights usurped in COPE-Vision 'backroom deal'

Lotusland: 10 Questions with the CBC's municipal affairs reporter, Stephen Quinn

Lotusland: COPE's Louis would like to scuttle COPE-Vision deal

Lotusland: Courier's version of the COPE-Vision deal

Lotusland: Long-time Park Board member considers independent council bid

Lotusland: Sanity returns to COPE and Vision

Daily: After growing disillusioned with Brian Mulroney’s ...

Daily: okayfine: My cousin is pretty awesome. Alas, still no word as to...

Daily: Dear Friends, Skype Me: "cameronmgreed"

Daily: "Anyone who thinks the [Large Hadron Collider] will destroy the world is a twat."

Daily: Mr Show - “Larry Kleist - Rapist” “Insurance...

Daily: 3 years feels like eternity. Here’s to Freedom Summer #2.

Daily: - We Gots Mascots! How would he know if...

Daily: Do-It-Your-Own-God-Damned-Self

Daily: Directly To Blame?

Daily: Gawker and the Rage of the Creative Underclass

Daily: My Response To An Email Researching The Displacement Of Creative-Types In Vancouver Due To Condos And City Policy

Daily: David Campion - COWBOY WILD SERIES Dadabase has lauched their...

Daily: The Astoria Now Must Stop Serving By Midnight On Weekdays

Daily: Naked and Famous Denim

Video: You mean this clip? Classy. I mean classic.

Daily: Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P. is interviewed in a swimming pool beside his mother while extremely...

Articles: Multi-taskin ALERT!

Daily: DJ Troubl - Quasimoto Meets Himself : A Journey Into Fresh...

Daily: Gary Wilson - 6.4 = Makeout (from the album You Think You Really...

Articles: Where is my voice recorder?

Articles: 6 deadly martial arts moves!

Video: Gary Wilson

Video: You Think You Really Know Me: The Gary Wilson Story

Articles: "!!!Spielberg Accused Of Ripping Off Hitchcock!!!

Video: Scientists have done us plenty of good over the years

Articles: Nope. Wrong Levis.

Daily: Scientists have done us plenty of good over the years. If this...

Daily: Photo

Daily: Torrents downloaded in the last 3 days: If I Should Fall From...

Daily: oh man. this is right up my alley, but my voice is shot from...

Articles: Pop vs Soda

Daily: "‘Sweet and colourful’ Harper says he’d be ‘a fruit’"

Daily: Googling lesbian comedians yields unlikely results.

Articles: Vancouver Civic Election: Learning to COPE


News: Credit Check: Gordon Campbell is a Commie

Daily: “Ggraaaallllgghh”

Daily: Photo


Lotusland: Let's have car-free Sundays, say Vision-wannabees

Lotusland: Division of seats officially made between Vision, COPE, and Greens

Daily: Photo

Daily: I feel teeth, you feel lead. (via okayfine)

Daily: Everything is a Cathy comic: Part infinity

Daily: Videogum : Worst Movie of All Time - Mr. Brooks

Daily: The Rapture - Don Gon Do It (Million $ Mano Edit)

Daily: esau mwamwaya and radioclit ft. m.i.a. - rain dance

Daily: culturite: CTRL ALT DEL: My homie Cam Labine’s film Control Alt...

Daily: Hey Cam

Daily: (via justinbland)

Daily: Justin Bland

Daily: “TEH GAY!”

Daily: Don't Get CameronR'd

Daily: Most People Think Of Japanese-Made Cars When You Mention The Word 'Civic'.

Daily: The eavesdropping cunt Molly Friedman and her ugly, primitive mind invented her own view of my...

Daily: Oh hey! Oscar buzz for Mickey Rourke. This face is your...

Daily: Totally me, right now!

Daily: For next time

Daily: Just some random photos from Sunday night’s book club....

Daily: This is all true. cameronr: vanmega: OH COME ON!!! It’s 2008...

Daily: vanmega: OH COME ON!!! It’s 2008 for christssake. cameronr: I...

Video: Flop

Articles: Fed Election 2008: Harper does not want to debate Greens and Liberals

Video: I just bought the Slut Mobile off craigslist for 700 bucks

Articles: Whoa!!!!!!!

Articles: The internet makes me feel fat

Daily: amilniazi: This makes me so hard. okayfine: Yesterday 1: I...

Daily: This makes me so hard. okayfine: Yesterday 1: I leave you with a...

Daily: Why are we obsessed with the Apocalypse?

Lotusland: Queer candidate seeks NPA council nod

Lotusland: Mayoral candidate wants to move from treehouse to City Hall

Lotusland: Vision candidates fight among themselves for turf

Daily: Shad - The Old Prince Still Lives at Home rapvsweden: This...

Daily: Wild Zero “Lock and Looll”

News: Credit Check: Any Colour as long as it is White

Daily: There was an assless chaps party on the roof of the Manhatten...

Daily: Justice - Planisphere (Dior Homme Spring/Summer '09 Mix)

Daily: Tittsworth - Tear The Club Up ‘08

Daily: Your Boys Three 6 Academy Award Winning Mafia - Tear Da Club Up...

Daily: standardgrey: artspeak (via ???standardgrey???) davidlook: yeah...

Articles: Only’s Civic Election Coverage

Lotusland: The 'other' Jim Green won't run again

Lotusland: Ian Waddell seeks Vision Park Board seat

Lotusland: Chow trouble for competition

Articles: We read the Georgia Straight every week, every article, from...

Daily: Nope. Went home. Sorry. I get to see one of my best friends...

Daily: Photo

Articles: Diplo: The Death of Cool

Daily: mollylambert: kutest alt-lesbianz evr? portia & ellz r kute...

Daily: tylercoates: I just caught last week’s Mad Men and I just want...

Daily: Photo

Articles: Gang Gang Dance on STREET CARNAGE RADIO

Lotusland: Federal election taking civic parties' resources

Lotusland: Vision quest for female candidates

Lotusland: Ladner steering NPA to the rocks

Lotusland: Punjabi Market Association head to run with NPA

Articles: General Idea, Baby Makes 3, 1984 ( via )

Daily: brynna: I’m crashing the UBC sorority rush today, and I’m...

Daily: brynna: Berghain is a club in Berlin.  Animal Collective is...

Daily: bitches don’t know what’s coming to them

Daily: Photo

Articles: I’m crashing the UBC sorority rush today, and I’m...

Daily: Photo

Articles: Today’s ambitions

Daily: brynna: Berghain is a club in Berlin.  Animal Collective is...

Articles: The jinx. Sean from Megaphone and I got all sloppy at the...

Articles: Berghain is a club in Berlin.  Animal Collective is playing...

Daily: "endredi 26 septembre 2008 FESTIVAL DES NUITS ELECTRONIQUES DE L’OSOSPHERE part1 avec : BOYS..."

Daily: Time travel is possible!

Video: Defektors playing at the Victory Square Block Party

Video: Ice Cream playing at the Victory Square Block Party

Archive: When worlds collide. Grade ‘A’ Cafe on Granville...

Daily: Hollywood Holt - Hollywood

Daily: davidlook: Chrisariffic has a guest show set something or other...

Daily: listening to the weather’s cbc page in bed, drinking wine,...

Articles: Chrisariffic has a guest show set something or other on R3 and...

Daily: If you’re an Obama supporter, you can now put your skin where...

Articles: CURREN$Y - Factor

Articles: New favourite website.

Daily: peterwknox:Extra, Extra youfuckedpocketnovel: Extra, extra! You...

Daily: Le Dinosaur - SkyCam with Dirty Sidewalk, Chippy Stairs,...

Daily: Victory Square Block Party 2008 - Basketball (via dubesor) I...

Articles: A stylish couple sits on the long banquet, whispering between mouthfuls of butter-smooth fois gras...

Articles: It is, after all, a party, and each year the wine does flow (some will recall poor Kathy Slade’s...

Video: MAD CAT!!!

Articles: Condom Ringtone

Articles: Weblog

Articles: VHEMT: The case against humans

Articles: Musical tastes in tune with who you are

Articles: Hillary Supporters for Palin: The Facebook Group

Video: Sarah Haskins for President.... of my HEART!

Video: ABC News Report on Troopergate

Articles: Young Jeezy registering to vote.

Articles: Don’t fuck with me, I’m a butterfly.

Articles: Palin is stonewalling the Troopergate investigation

Daily: "I’m sooo torn!!!!! While Alpha Delta Pi is “more than an organization; it is an..."

Daily: okayfine: Oh, Terry. davidlook: Road trip alert! his leg, shoes,...

Daily: bobbydigital: <3 Volvo 1800s (via theaestheticpoetic)

Daily: Alaska statutory rape laws declare that anyone who is 18 years old or older who has sex with a person who is 16 or 17, or who is at least three years younger than the offender, can be charged with sexual abuse in the third degree. This is also a felony.

Daily: "You know what i enjoyed the most? She took the luxury jet that was acquired by her predecessor and..."

Video: Jesus has really been up in my worldwideweb this week

Daily: A warm little ditty to wash away the week…. -Me and My...

Articles: Photo

Articles: Goodbye, sweet prince

Articles: "He’s a tough guy, Obama. I looked at him eye to eye, he’s not a wimp. He’s not a wimpy guy."

Articles: Spelling good is for communists and fags. Wake up America!

Daily: "Sarah Palin’s Speech Raises $1M for Republicans; $8M for Democrats"

Daily: I just got this record at a garage sale last...

Articles: And so it begins

Video: ‘John Bush’ is totally his own man!

Articles: The Anti-Palin Email

Articles: Have you ever Google image searched "ghetto prom"?...

Lotusland: Meet Vision's election strategist Ron Stripp

Daily: "Government that doesn't make your choices for you, but makes sure you have more choices to make for yourself."

Daily: "Government that doesn't make your choices for you, but makes sure you have more choices to make for yourself."

Video: Twerk Team-Back That Ass Up

Video: Wiley - Summertime

Daily: King Sisters feat. Pase Rock - Koori Girls Love this track. Go...

Daily: (via vache)

Articles: New Weekly Skate Jam With A Live Band At The Sweatshop

Articles: Blender: Tupac is the Most Overrated Artist Ever

Articles: Laughing out loud sans acronyms (via davidlook)

Daily: Lolling with an ING rapvsweden: cameronr: Oh really, guys? You...

Articles: Vancouver Music: Re-opened Biltmore

Articles: B.C. court upholds abortion bubble-zone law

Daily: Bow Wow Wow - C30 C60 C90 Go! Written by Malcolm McLaren....

Daily: cameronr: Bow Wow Wow - Go Wild In The Country

Video: Here’s Obama’s entire press conference that the community organizer bit got pulled from

Daily: Malcolm McLaren and The World Famous Supreme Team - Hey DJ

Daily: Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch All that scratchin’ is...

Daily: Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals

Articles: Hero.

Daily: Bow Wow Wow - Go Wild In The Country

Daily: Photo

Daily: Photo

Daily: Manet - Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe

Lotusland: Why won't Robertson debate me?

Daily: My aunt Swanee on NPR today discussing Sarah Palin

Archive: TransLink adds security to curb queue-jumping at Vancouver transit hub

Archive: This seems contradictory.

Archive: Oh really, guys? You think some American Apparel hoodies and...

Daily: Adam Loeb: A person's person

Daily: I've Met An Number Of People This Summer Who Knew Absolutely Nothing About Pop Culture...

Lotusland: Will Peter Ladner defend civil liberties?

Daily: The edge of a black hole: both accurately summing up both this...

Video: This series is awesome

Daily: "Let us say that the freedom exists, but it is limited to the one unique act of choosing the..."

Daily: I know I’m probably going to jail just for posting this...

News: Credit Check: Wake me up in Prince Rupert

Daily: 131313thavenue: you know i always choose you…. davidlook:...

Daily: Wie Gehts Amigos! chuckmore: When addressing a room full of...

Articles: How high?

Articles: I give up on substance for the day.

Articles: Get it girl!

Daily: Let’s face it: Everyone’s a...

Articles: The Reality-Based Community: Palin v. Reality

Video: Daily Show 9-3-08 - Throwing Their Own Words Back

Articles: Yesterday, he called the newsroom three times

Articles: Ginger hair photo exhibition

Articles: Patriotic pets

Video: Jon Stewart pointing out the amazing double-standard coming from...

Lotusland: It's time to scrap Vancouver's partisan electoral system

Lotusland: NPA's Ladner pronises change from three years of NPA government

Articles: Open Letter To Matthew Weiner & The Staff Of Mad Men

Articles: Did you know that Dave Chappelle was in this movie?

Articles: then the cops showed up

Articles: HereIHam

Articles: Which Of These Statements Are True?

Daily: bonerparty: Red heads in the shower…..a sudsy boner party. 

Articles: "Reality television has become our politics."

Articles: MY Palin problem and OUR Palin problem

Articles: Looking for work as a buffer in adult films

Articles: I Miss My Mommy: Cause She’s The Vice-Present. Will You Love Trig?

Articles: mollylambert: this one represents Jesus cockblocking you

Articles: 2hr season premiere of BONES tonight everyone! (Just kidding,...

Articles: A/S/L? okayfine: Because who doesn’t love skeevie dicks?!

Articles: Because who doesn’t love Stevie Nicks?

Video: Here’s the video of Palin calling Clinton a whiner

Articles: Google release an entire comic book to unveil Chrome

Daily: Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy Caught Ripping Palin


Daily: via


Articles: Fake Bristol Palin’s wedding registry

Articles: I wish I could have the same conviction towards my hobbies.

Articles: Palin is a true feminist role model

Articles: I don’t have a phone and my boyfriend works all day. ...

Video: Hey, White America, can we talk? Are you feeling left out?...

Video: Japan is so fucked. This Ronald manages to be creepier than the...

Video: YES!

Video: Black Hole Fun

Articles: 89.

Articles: I hate Bristol for the same reason that I hated 'Juno'

News: Credit Check: They really love me

Articles: McCain chose Palin before he knew about daughter's pregnancy, or he's lying

Articles: Hero.

Articles: BONER PARTY!!!

Daily: [via karion]

Articles: Look there. At the bottom. I don’t know about you guys but...

Articles: itsbedtime: Do we really want someone that looks like they go to...

Articles: Best Election Ever

Articles: Ha. Ha.

Articles: Grey Gardens

Daily: This photo goes on record as the first and only time anyone will...

Daily: I was craving linguine all fucking...

Articles: More Victory Square Block Party 2008

Articles: Victory Square Block Party 2008 (via dubesor)

Daily: Victory Square Block Party 2008 (via dubesor) davidlook: If...

Daily: Obama hits 50% for the first time in Gallup daily tracking

Daily: I’m SO GAY for the internet and YEAH, who cares about...

Daily: Thank you superfun day

Daily: Photo

Daily: Fuck Huuuuuuuuugh

Daily: Seriously. Between the cleansing and the crying and the Hepburn...

Daily: My weekend in Chicago was pretty gay.

Daily: “Bare-breasted Virgins Compete and Dance for Swaziland...

Daily: They let the Weiss Engel get away!?

Daily: Best election...

Daily: The story of Google Chrome

Daily: ihavegoodtaste:antikris:soupsoup:rockuboff:webmarc:

News: Credit Check: Rest His Sole

Daily: Nooo! All my secrets revealed!

Daily: lebird: Victory Square Block Party -btwn Sets I love these so...

Daily: lebird: evaps cameronr: Were you standing on top of me?...

Daily: (via lebird) Awesome.

Daily: This game was the fucking worst.

Video: Saul Bass documentary

Video: I’m about to be sleeping like a baby because of this

Articles: He's right, actually. Who amongst us does not have a family member who wants to impose abstinence-only education upon the offspring of her fellow citizens while her own child is proving in the most obvious way what an irresponsible and ineffective policy

Media: Down by law

Daily: ICA is now free

Lotusland: Peter Ladner and Gregor Robertson, men in full

Articles: Gregor Robertson and Peter Ladner, men in full

Daily: thehandshake : SERIOUSLY!! THE most awesomest. Medley from...

Daily: Seriously, I love these guys so much. Maybe a bit more than...

Daily: thisrecording: In Which Not Every Single Baby Needs to Get...

Articles: Victory Square Block Party today! Free! All ages!

Daily: blownspeakers: To Andy, Dave, Keith, probably Cam, and whoever...

Daily: blownspeakers: To Andy, Dave, Keith, probably Cam, and whoever...

Daily: cameronr: This is what I feel like right now! I’m going to go...

August 2008

Daily: Point of comparison

Articles: I saw this on crackwomb. it’s the scoop.

Articles: I'm sorry, but this needs to be discussed openly and at length

Articles: This is what I feel like right now! I’m going to go get a...


Articles: Amazing soundtrack for this movie here.

Daily: thehandshake: How many time have I had to utter the same...

Articles: Daily Show welcomes oligarchs to the RNC

Daily: “It’s almost like having another lover there with...

Articles: Benny Lava!

Articles: Bark

Articles: Photo

Articles: Photo

Daily: charmingmandy: YES. YES. YES. YES. Is it geeky that I noticed...

Articles: This baby is SO HUGE.

Articles: Just another day at the office. (via okayfine)

Daily: cameronr: The guy on the left there is my friend. thehandshake:...

Daily: Check out the “fake leg” move.  Totally innovative....

Daily: Ahhhh…poor fat baby. (via

Daily: cameronr: “Take your hat off”

Articles: 2007 : andreas banderas

Daily: Wiley - Stop Bein Silly (Dizzee Rascal Diss)

Articles: I’m gonna barf.

Daily: No Google!

Articles: Okay you guys, i actually CAN see jesus in that moth. so-mazin!

Daily: And

Daily: M a blog / Tyler Askew [New York]

Daily: standardgrey: Snack (via Xavier Encinas) Perfect. davidlook:...

Daily: "David Duchovny In Rehab For Sex Addiction"

Daily: Turn around, bright eyes!

Articles: Yes, please

Daily: Saddest thing is, what I’m most excited about after this...

Daily: Pat Buchanan Loved it.

Daily: "The McCain campaign set Obama up as a celebrity airhead, a Paris Hilton of wealth and elitism. And..."

Daily: ihavegoodtaste: Tonight’s McCain ad. Oh that John McCain, he’s...

Daily: Fight Club (via vache)

Daily: If You Ever Wanted To Revel In My Great Taste In Music

Daily: That feels good.

Daily: ihavegoodtaste: Tonight’s McCain ad. Oh that John McCain, he’s...

Daily: I used to be really scared to have kids.

Daily: okayfine: Kinda sad that this is my biggest accomplishment in...

Daily: standardgrey: It’s quite lovely, isn’t it? vanmega: I’m finally...

Daily: YUP.

Daily: Butchering the Human Carcass

Daily: You guys forgot: 3a.)Making lots of money And also : Grow up. cameronr: Typical Canadian...

Daily: Photo

Daily: With my luck I’d accidentally sprinkle them all over...

Daily: HA. alexbalk: I believe it’s of French origin. Huguenot, to be...

Daily: okayfine:Raymond Pettibon


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Daily: "At least five people who saw Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the March on Washington in 1963 traveled..."

Daily: WHOA Jay Manuel, just whoa.

Daily: IE 6, introduced in 2001, was a mess, really opening the door for the open-source project...

Daily: McCain Says the ‘C’ Word This is a clip from the...

Daily: Monkey-pigs? Cats with wings? CUT IT OUT CHINA.

Daily: A reason to believe

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Daily: Cindy McCain Mama Biden!

Daily: "The open air Obama acceptance speech is…one of the biggest and possibly craziest gambles of this or..."

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Daily: One thing is for sure, … every word uttered by every single academic expert on any subject...

Daily: Dear Gawker:

Daily: "Who can we trust to keep America safe? Barack Obama!"

Daily: cameronr: My good friend, Sean Condon, is the editor of an...

Daily: Summer, please don’t go. My last night in the country.

Daily: I just switched from MSNBC to PBS. I suggest you do the same.

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Daily: "yes, they will be turned off for Monday Sept. 1"