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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

The Only Trust

We’re the Only Trust.

We publish online and a fortnightly magazine entitled Only distributed throughout Vancouver; organise the annual Music Waste independent music festival; and present the annual Victory Square Block party in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. We do some other things, too, as the mood strikes us.

We’re not a trust in the legal sense—it’s just a nickname. Each of our projects have varying degrees of autonomy but share the same core group of people. More importantly, they share the same values of excellence, focus on independent culture, and avoidance of exploitation.
Published weekdays, the Only online reports on independent music, art, film, science, and media.

Only Magazine
Published on the first and fifteenth of each month from September to May, Only focuses on independent music, film, and art from a Vancouver perspective.

How To Contribute

  1. Read Only.
  2. We’re interested in reviews, interviews and features, original photography and art for the cover.
  3. Use this email. Email submissions are sent to the entire editorial board.
  4. We don’t yet have a style guide online for you to read but you could do worse than study this one

Only & Only Online share a joint editorial desk and all submissions are considered equally for print or online.

Please feel free to send poetry to this email.

Music Waste
Founded by seminal Vancouver bands SMAK and Zolty Cracker in 1994, this annual festival showcases independent and experimental music in 64 events over four days. Festival Director Kris Mitchell passed the reins of Music Waste to the Only Trust in 2005.

How To Volunteer
Send us an email here. Tell us why.

Victory Square Block Party
2,000 block partygoers consider the summer has officially ended when the Victory Square Block Party wraps up. Held each Labour Day at Victory Square, natch.

How To Volunteer
Send us an email here. Sprinkler system experience, an asset.

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