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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Ask not what Only can do for you, ask what you can do for Only

Update December 1 2006


Unless you want us hanging out at your house making a mess then I suggest you find one prompt. Preferably 1000sq feet with a fridge and at the very least an outlet to plug in a hotplate.

Or, connections to a renovations show that will clean up and design a new office for us in the space that we already own but is completely trashed.


Update 15 February 2005

We need a Vancouver distro guy/girl

This issue we’re doing delivering old style, like when we first started and distro was fun, when we met up for karaoke at Pat’s then delivered the mag until dawn. Then, we hired an awesome distro guy. We need to hire an awesome distro guy/girl again. 10,000 copies on the Drive, Main Street, Kits, the West End, Strathcona, and the various Uni’s and colleges. We need you by March 1. It takes 6 to 10 hours. It’s okay pay. Nothing to be thrilled about. Please welcome Jordan. And thank Kevin for his good work in the past six months. Please welcome Michelle and Morgan

Send an email to us here

Update 15 December 2005


Only runs 5 pages of ads in a 16 page paper. No more, no less. However, recent circumstances and subsequent demand have forced us to consider the possibility that we may have to add an extra advertising page with a corresponding addition of editorial pages. Are you someone who could help us with advertising? It isn’t anywhere near full-time. And you shouldn’t have any desires to take Only to the next level or any level for that matter. It’ll start second week of January. Please welcome Tanya, everyone.

Update 3 November 2005

You can find Only in the hands of seniors, the unemployed, and commuters all over Vancouver. You can also find it—every issue—in Bellingham and Seattle.

But we need someone to take it to Victoria twice a month. Do you go there? Maybe you have a grandma in intensive care and you are trying to look good for the will. Or maybe you are Lorne Mayencourt and you have a free Helijet pass.

Either way, send an email to us here and we can give you some bundles.

Update 21 August 2005

This update, we’re looking for:

Botox Treatments
Penis Extenders
Genital Wart Cream
Lavalife Gold Membership

Sorry, that’s Yaletown View’s wish list.

We’re looking for a digital camera. One that can take an accurate picture of genital warts. If you have one that you could pass on to us, we’ll take it with gratitude and maybe run a dumb photo of you.

Update 12 July 2005

Thank you for everyone that contacted us and gave us gifts of love and support. You are unicorns crammed with doves.

Today, we are looking for:

  • Someone to help us update our new online calendar. It’s easy and fun! So easy and fun no one here wants to do it. You: someone who loves complete, accurate listings of everything. Me: long walks in the rain. Thanks David!

Also, we’re still looking for a laser printer. Something that works on a Mac. Thanks Donald!

And more beans, please. Thanks Gôlôk!

Previous Update

If you really loved us, you’d give us stuff. Or work for us. In particular, we need:

  • A postscript laser printer. It doesn’t have to be a tabloid printer, just something appropriate to send letters to Dose.
  • Any kind of “new world” Macintosh. We really, really, really need a Dalmation or Flower Power iMac. Or a Cube. Thanks!
  • Do you work in a coffee shop? Can you hook up with beans? If you work at T, can you hook us up with some “Irish Breakfast” tea leaves? If you are an independent contractor, can you hook us up? Thanks Soma!
  • We take donations of cash or cheque. Everyone’s doing it.

span class=“byline”>only is looking for a distro guy/girl
We need someone to deliver the paper every Thursday.
10,000 copies on Main Street, The Drive, West End, Downtown, Kitsilano plus UBC, Langara, Emily Carr and Sprott-Shaw Community College since 1903.
Thanks Kevin!

  1. Stephen Buckley

    how much for an annual subscription so i can get it in my mailbox? - Jun 4, 08:07 PM

  2. mishel and rosemary

    we just opened a new store, called Goon Pack, in gastown and we would love to display your magazine! please let us know if this is possible. thank you.
    Goon Pack 109 W.Cordova Street, Vancouver, V6B-1E1 - Jun 5, 08:24 PM

  3. sean orr

    i can get you some beans. - Jul 30, 08:59 AM

  4. Tony Newton

    I’ll write stories for you…please. - Oct 8, 03:50 AM

  5. Mark Stuckert

    I TRY to do covers for you… I’ve done one, but my second one was respectfully rejected… Can I do another? Does it have to be that trendy illo style that ever other cover on the face of the earth has? - Nov 3, 11:59 PM

  6. Mark Stuckert

    AND there we go. The newest cover just shut my big mouth. Beautiful photo.

    My words taste funny… - Nov 4, 10:31 PM

  7. Alison Cassar

    Are you the sean condon that wrote for the good weekend, The Age?
    If so no wonder why you left the magazine has had another facelift but to no avail.
    Miss your writing - Nov 30, 10:30 PM

  8. sean orr

    I can still get you guys beans. They just upped me to a pound a week. woopty woo.

    - May 10, 07:57 AM

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